The Upshaws renewed for final season ahead of part 6 release in 2025

The Upshaws. (L to R) Mike Epps as Bennie, Kim Fields as Regina in episode 502 of The Upshaws. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024
The Upshaws. (L to R) Mike Epps as Bennie, Kim Fields as Regina in episode 502 of The Upshaws. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024 /

Great news for fans of The Upshaws and all of its hilarious family shenanigans! Netflix has officially given the green light to the fan-favorite multi-cam sitcom's final season. The Upshaws part 7 will be the 12-episode final run that's likely to be released sometime in 2025, though Netflix has not indicated a release window just yet.

Don't start saying your goodbyes to the Upshaw family, though! We still have the 10-episode part 6 to look forward to, and Netflix has revealed that the penultimate season will be released in early 2025. Production began on part 6 this spring in tandem with the release of part 5 in April 2024. Now that an early 2025 release window has been set, filming should have wrapped or will wrap soon.

Regina Hicks, co-creator and co-showrunner, said this about the final season:

"Truly grateful to Netflix for giving us this season to once again bring the warmth and funny that we’re known for (and with this fifth and final-some closure) to our Upshaws family."

Regina Hicks

Because the last four parts of the series that have been released only contained either six or eight episodes each, fans have long been hungry for more episodes per drop. The first season contained 10 episodes, which was released all at one, and the 10-episode part 6 appears poised to drop all at once, too. Let's hope part 7 isn't ultimately a split season.

In its press release, Netflix refers to part 7 as 12 episodes and the final season. There's no indication that the streamer intends to split part 7 into two six-episode halves, which would technically end up being parts 7 and 8. That would mean part 7 would be the biggest single season drop in the show's history and give the fans something longer to cherish as a parting gift.

Wanda Sykes, series star as well as co-creator, promised a "proper farewell":

"A heartfelt thanks to Netflix for letting us send-off The Upshaws with this fifth and final season. We are excited to give the show and the fans a proper farewell."

Wanda Sykes

All told, the series will span 60 total episodes by the time part 7 ends, which will give the series the bragging rights of being Netflix's third longest-running multi-camera sitcom behind The Ranch (80 episodes) and Fuller House (75 episodes). When it cames to the Netflix original comedy series genre as a whole, Grace and Frankie has them all beat with 94 episodes.

Since the renewal for The Upshaws part 7 is so fresh and there aren't additional details about when production will begin, it's tough to predict exactly when the season could release. If part 6 makes its debut sometime in January or February 2025, part 7 could arguably arrive by late summer 2025 at the very earliest, though fall 2025 might be the best bet.

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