The Upshaws part 6 is coming! Everything we know about the fourth season

The Upshaws. (L to R) Wanda Sykes as Lucretia, Mike Epps as Bennie in episode 502 of The Upshaws. Cr. Lisa Rose/Netflix © 2023
The Upshaws. (L to R) Wanda Sykes as Lucretia, Mike Epps as Bennie in episode 502 of The Upshaws. Cr. Lisa Rose/Netflix © 2023 /

There's great news in store for fans of Netflix's hit original sitcom The Upshaws. Following the release of part 5 in April 2024, another season has already been confirmed to be on the way! In December 2023, following the release of part 4 in August, Netflix announced that the show had been renewed for part 6 and a whole new season will be on its way after part 5 drops.

For those who might be confused about how Netflix distinguishes "parts" from "seasons" when it comes to The Upshaws, the six-episode part 5 dropping in April 2024 is technically the second half of the third season. Being so, part 6 will still be called "season 6" by some fans, even though it's actually the fourth season. No matter what you call it, more episodes are coming!

Now that part 5 has been released, we're sharing everything fans need to know so far about the upcoming sixth part of the sitcom, including the filming status, how many episodes we'll be getting, what to expect from the new episodes, and more!

The Upshaws part 6 filming has started

On March 14, 2024, series co-creator, executive producer, and star Wanda Sykes shared on Instagram that part 6 had officially started production. The next day, series star Kim Fields also announced that filming on "season 4" had started by posting a video on Instagram celebrating the show receiving a sign on the studio backlot.

Mike Epps also started teasing fans about the upcoming sixth part/fourth season, with behind the scenes snaps from the studio backlot, Bennie's Garage, and an exclusive look at the live audience while taping an upcoming episodes. Epps also shared a photo in April thanking the Clemson Tigers football team for visiting the set as well as a video speaking to the team.

According to the live taping ticket website 1iota, the last available date to purchase tickets for a live taping of part 6 is on Friday, May 31. The first one listed is for April 18, and except for May 2, there's five more tapings each week thereafter. Considering Sykes, Fields, and Epps each announced filming had begun in mid-March, the schedule lines up with four episodes having already been filmed and the May 31 taping being the season finale. After production wraps, the episodes will go into post-production and release a few months later.

Release Prediction: Fall 2024

Part 6 will contain 10 episodes

Unlike the previous parts or seasons, The Upshaws part 6 will contain 10 new episodes. Deadline has confirmed that Netflix will be releasing all 10 episodes at the same time like the 10-episode first season/part. Part 6 will be the show's single biggest drop since making its debut. Finally, fans will be getting a longer part to watch! Since the season has been in production since March, part 6 should wrap filming by June, as explained above, for a release later on in 2024.

When the series premiered in May 2021, all 10 part/season 1 episodes dropped at once, but Netflix split the 16-episode second season into the eight-episode part 2 and the eight-episode part 3. The 12-episode third season was again released in two parts, which became the six-episode part 4 and the six-episode part 5. Thankfully, Netflix isn't dividing part 6 and is giving fans more episodes to enjoy at once, rather than a meager six or eight episodes only to wait months for more.

Beyond part 6, it's still likely that Netflix will renew the comedy again for part 7, potentially even more. While comedies have a been a struggle for the streaming service, most especially multi-cam sitcoms, The Upshaws has managed to perform well and maintain a loyal fanbase. With its four seasons and 48 episodes (including part 6), it's among Netflix's longest-running multi-cam sitcoms along the likes of The Ranch (four seasons, 80 episodes) and Fuller House (five seasons, 75 episodes).

Spoilers ahead from the part 5 finale!

What could happen in part 6 after that part 5 cliffhanger

In the part 5 finale, Lucretia prepares for her wedding with Frank, but due to insecurities about her reasons behind marrying him, she catches a case of cold feet. She wonders whether she's marrying him for his money and if she can really go through with it. On the flip side, when Bennie shakes him down for money and accuses him of cheating on Lucretia (the woman he saw was Frank's goddaughter), Frank tells Lucreatia he can't go through with the wedding.

For Frank, dealing with Lucretia's family has been too much because they have been the catalyst for their past breakups and current chaos. Following a heart-to-heart which involves Lucretia basically saying it's all or nothing, they make a decision. It's revealed that before saying their vows, Lucretia and Frank have boarded a plane headed to Atlanta, where they're moving far away from Lucretia's family. But how long will Lucretia choosing Frank over her family last?

The part 5 finale also dealt with the aftermath of Tasha's breakup, which saw her without a place to live and work. Bennie's efforts to reunite Tasha and Noah don't pan out, leaving Tasha to work out of the garage. Oddly enough, it's Regina who finds grace for Tasha and wants to help her get back on her feet somehow. Bennie secretly attempts to make the Tasha problem go away by borrowing money from Frank, but of course, that doesn't go according to plan.

In the final scene, Kelvin asks Bennie and Regina if Tasha can move into the basement with him. Bennie says no and Regina tells Kelvin they'll discuss it, but they soon realize Tasha has already made herself at home in the basement. Obviously, part 6 will deal with the Upshaws living with Tasha and without Lucretia. Can they live in harmony, or will Tasha have to move out? And does Lucretia stay with Frank in Atlanta or does she come back? It's going to be a hilarious journey getting these answers.

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