The Upshaws part 5 ending spoiler recap: 2 shocking changes rock the family!

Not one but TWO plot twists are in store for The Upshaws part 6.
The Upshaws. (L to R) Mike Epps as Bennie, Gabrielle Dennis as Tasha in episode 506 of The Upshaws. Cr. Lisa Rose/Netflix © 2024
The Upshaws. (L to R) Mike Epps as Bennie, Gabrielle Dennis as Tasha in episode 506 of The Upshaws. Cr. Lisa Rose/Netflix © 2024 /

The Upshaws are back, and they're funnier than ever! Picking up from where part 4 ended when it dropped in August 2023, the family reels after Aaliyah crashed her car into Bernard's gym. Unfortunately, Lucretia can't solve their problems anymore as the family recently discovered she's actually broke. Not only does the gym hang in the balance, but so does Bennie's Garage.

Elsewhere in The Upshaws part 5, Aaliyah's new boyfriend sends Bennie into a near emotional meltdown and points out the double standards he uses to raise both Aaliyah and Kelvin. But it's another romance toward the end of part 5 that has the biggest impact on the season and its cliffhanger. Lucretia plans to walk down the aisle, but does she make it?

Part 5 sends another shockwave through the Upshaw household care of none other than Tasha, whose own relationship has wide-ranging impacts for Bennie and, by default, the family. As always, there's never a dull moment for the Upshaws! Wondering what went down in part 5 and what's in store for part 6? Let's dig into the two season finale cliffhangers we didn't see coming!

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead from The Upshaws part 5 finale!

The Upshaws. Kim Fields Regina in episode 505 of The Upshaws. Cr. Lisa Rose/Netflix © 2024 /

Lucretia and Frank are a runaway bride and groom

Just when Lucretia had gotten to a place of excitement for her upcoming wedding to Frank, her older sister Althea arrives to put doubts back in her head. Regina's insistence to no longer get involved in Lucretia's relationship and a comment from Aaliyah also helps reignite her insecurities about the marriage and her reasons for rushing to marry Frank. First and foremost, she's broke and in debt and Frank has money. Lucretia doesn't feel right marrying him if she's not sure if she really loves him.

When Lucretia asks Frank to pick up Maya from school, he isn't on the list of approved caregivers. The woman in charge of pickups shocks him with her taser and sends Frank to the hospital. Lucretia's call to the school to put him on the list came too late. However, Lucretia's concern for Frank's wellbeing when she received the call that he's in the hospital confirms to her that she really loves him.

The wedding continues as planned, but the trouble starts when Bennie decides to confront Frank about supposedly cheating on Lucretia after he spots the woman he believes to be the "other woman" enter the wedding. Bennie makes a big stink about it, but he's wrong. The woman he saw at Frank's hotel and now the wedding is his goddaughter. The chaotic encounter pushes Frank to his limit, and he visits Lucretia before the wedding to tell her he can't marry her because of her family.

He openly admits that he can't stand them, and she hilariously agrees. Lucretia opens up about her doubts, and because those stemmed from her family, it further proves Frank's point. She asks if her family is breaking them up now. In response to his doubts and his "I love you," Lucretia says, "Whatever we do here, it will be the last thing we ever do." Meaning, if we break up, it's for good.

Regina discovers that Lucretia and Frank left the church, and the next scene reveals that have boarded a plane headed for Atlanta, where Frank lives. Seemingly, Lucretia chose being with Frank over staying with her family. But how long can this last? We know that deep down, as much as Bennie drives her mad, she loves her family, and there's no way she loves Frank more than she loves her big, unpredictable family. We'll have to wait and see what's next for these two!

The Upshaws. (L to R) Mike Epps as Bennie, Gabrielle Dennis as Tasha in episode 506 of The Upshaws. Cr. Lisa Rose/Netflix © 2024 /

Tasha moves in with the Upshaws

Beyond the Lucretia of it all, Bennie trades one headache for another when Tasha and Noah break up. She blames the breakup on Bennie because of Noah overhearing a conversation they were having about Tasha basically marrying him for the money. Being so, she makes it Bennie's problem that she no longer has a place to live. She gives him an ultimatum that he either get her and Noah back together or he starts paying child support for Kelvin.

In spite of Bennie's best efforts to Parent Trap Tasha and Noah back together, Noah has made up his mind about leaving Tasha. He believes she was only going to marry him for his money. When Tasha starts taking hair clients out of Bennie's garage, Bennie's calls in Regina to have her talk to Tasha. But Regina ends up feeling empathy for Tasha and insisting they help get her back on her feet. Naturally, Bennie runs to Frank to ask for the $10K Tasha wants even though Regina told him not to.

As discussed above, Bennie asking Frank for money leads to him believing he caught Frank cheating, further pushing Frank to stop the wedding. Bennie's plans to quickly get Tasha out of his hair don't pan out, but are we surprised? The finale's end finds Kelvin coming to Bennie and Regina and asking them if his mom can move in with him in their basement. Surprisingly, Regina isn't in agreement with Bennie's immediate "Hell no!" and tells him they'll talk it over... but Tasha already moved in!

When Bennie and Regina hear Tasha downstairs and realize she has become their new roommate, they rush off the couch to sort out the situation, which is exactly where part 5 ends. They lose Lucretia but gain Tasha. Who knows which roommate Bennie would prefer! One thing's for sure, it's not off the table that part 6 could have a full Upshaw house with both Tasha and Lucretia (should she come back) under the same roof. Imagine the laugh-out-loud verbal brawls at the breakfast table. Oh, the comedy gold.

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