The Gentlemen needs to overcome one big obstacle to make season 2 happen

It sounds like Netflix has their work cut out for them in nailing down cast schedules with Guy Ritchie's availability.
The Gentlemen - Cr: Netflix
The Gentlemen - Cr: Netflix /

Guy Ritchie's Netflix series The Gentlemen is easily one of the best new series of the year with Nielsen reporting that the show generated over 1.2 billion minutes viewed within its first four days on the platform. The Gentlemen also spent plenty of time in the #1 spot on the Global Top 10 for English-Language Series, seemingly making a second season all but a matter of time.

Yet it has been over a month now and Netflix hasn't officially announced a renewal. What gives? Well, unfortunately, there are a lot of factors at play regarding the show's future, some of which are out of Netflix's control. I'm sure Netflix execs would love to renew the series, but with a cast as popular as this one and a creator like Guy Ritchie, it's hard to nail down everyone's schedules.

The Gentlemen season 2 might be impeded by busy schedules

An insider revealed to The Sun that while Netflix believes there is "huge potential for a follow-up" it will be difficult to get "the same actors back together," particularly when it comes to Ritchie, who already has several other projects in the works for this year.

His latest movie The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare releases in theaters on April 19 and stars The Witcher alum Henry Cavill alongside Reacher's Alan Ritchson. 3 Body Problem star Eiza González is also in the film. Both González and Cavill will re-team with Ritchie for his next film In the Grey.

Additionally, Ritchie is slated to direct and executive produce a British version of Ray Donovan for Paramount+, to be written by Ronan Bennett. Given all of that, it's easy to see why Ritchie might be hard to pin down for a new season of The Gentlemen.

But it's not all bad news. The Gentlemen cast seems plenty game to continue the series. Star Giancarlo Esposito, who played Stanley Johnston in the series, told Digital Spy that while "nothing was ever discussed of a second season" he loved working with the cast and would be happy to return, particularly to further his storyline with Ray Winstone's character Bobby Glass. The Gentlemen season 1 ended (SPOILER!) with Johnston and Glass both together in Glass' fancy "jail cell."

"But when you're in the last episode of the first season – a really great scene, I love Ray Winstone – then you know, we have the possibility of going further. And I think the show does as well."

Giancarlo Esposito

However, Digital Spy also points out that Ritchie doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to sequels. We've been waiting for what feels like forever for a third Sherlock Holmes movie and the long-awaited sequel to RocknRolla still hasn't materialized.

The Gentlemen
Theo James as Eddie Horniman in The Gentlemen /

Star Theo James says season 2 needs a strong 'narrative drive'

At the recent Deadline Contenders TV event, stars Theo James, Kaya Scodelario, and Daniel Ings all chimed in on their thoughts regarding another season of the hit series—they played Eddie Horniman, Susie Glass, and Freddy Horniman, respectively.

James echoed Esposito's comments that a second season hadn't been discussed and seemingly confirmed The Sun's source by revealing it "would be a wrangling process with all of us and Guy."

Still, the English actor sounds game for more, so long as they can come up with a "really interesting conceit for season 2, Because as much as we enjoyed it and as fun as it was, it needs narrative drive."

Scodelario had a cheekier response, simply asking that they move to the Caribbean for season 2.

James will next star in the adaptation of Stephen King's short story The Monkey, a highly-anticipated movie from Osgood Perkins (who also directs the upcoming Longlegs) that also stars Tatiana Maslany and Elijah Wood.

Scodelario has been tapped as the lead of Netflix's limited series Senna, though I imagine Netflix would make The Gentlemen season 2 filming work around her schedule.

For now, you can revisit The Gentlemen season 1 on Netflix and stay tuned to Netflix Life for additional news and updates on the show and its possible future!

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