6 burning questions left by the end of The Gentlemen

If The Gentlemen gets renewed, we really hope these questions get answered.
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The Gentlemen is now on Netflix and the eight-episode crime drama has already been earning significant praise from critics and audiences. The series, which is a spinoff of the Guy Ritchie movie of the same name, follows a duke after he inherits his family's estate, and a marijuana business along with it.

Spoilers ahead for The Gentlemen

By season's end, we were blown away by all of the show's many twists and turns, but there were a few things left unanswered that we hope get clarified in a (potential) second season.

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Who is the father of Charly's baby?

A late plot development sees the return of Freddy and Eddie's sister, Charlotte, or Charly, as she's nicknamed by her family. Charly had been away at university for most of the season after departing in the first episode. When she comes back, she's pregnant.

We don't learn who the father of her baby is, though we do find out that the Halstead gamekeeper, Geoff Seacombe, is secretly Charly's biological father. The identity of the father of Charly's baby could be a storyline that will take center-stage in the second season. Perhaps he'll be a new character introduced as an ally or adversary in the future.

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What does Bobby Glass have planned for Stanley Johnston?

After Eddie uses Henry Collins to hoodwink Stanley Johnston and get him arrested, he winds up in the same prison as Bobby Glass and the two are seen sharing a meal together, as gentlemen, in the final seconds of the season.

Is it possible we could see an alliance form between these two men? I can't imagine an alliance happening that won't end in betrayal somehow, but who knows what these two could be cooking up behind bars.

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What's going to happen with Jimmy and Gabrielle?

Despite Gabrielle being a hired gun recruited by Henry Collins, and by extension Stanley Johnston, she does take a genuine liking to Susie's weed specialist Jimmy Chang. The two have a sweet relationship and by season's end, we don't really know where things stand between them.

We don't get to learn Jimmy's reaction to learning the truth about Gabrielle, though we do know that Susie has now ordered Gabrielle to work for her. That doesn't mean Susie trusts her now. She was even willing to murder Jimmy at one point because of his mistake in letting Gabrielle into her business.

Where did Princess Rosanna end up?

The last time we saw Princess Rosanna she was acting as a liaison between Eddie and Stanley Johnston, but I was a little surprised she didn't return in the end of the series. It feels a little like her storyline was left unresolved, so I'll be curious to see if Rosanna returns if the show gets renewed for another season.

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Have we really seen the last of John "The Gospel" Dixon?

John "The Gospel" Dixon is another character whose storyline felt a little unresolved in the end. He was built up as a serious threat in the first two episodes of the season and then it looked like he was also going to be a problem in the finale after Susie sold out Eddie and Freddy to him and revealed they killed his brother.

A showdown is all prepared to happen, and then Bobby Glass calls The Gospel and makes it all go away. That's the last we hear of him. It'd be interesting if he returned as an antagonist (or maybe reluctant ally?) in season 2, especially now that Susie, Eddie, and Bobby are running a business together.

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Will Jack Glass make a full recovery?

By season's end, it looks like Jack Glass is on his way to making a full recovery after he gets beaten to a pulp and fall into a coma thanks to Henry Collins' ringer. But we don't actually see Jack being checked out of the hospital.

Will he really be okay? Will he be able to go back to his boxing career? If he's forced into retirement, it might make for an interesting storyline for his character moving forward. Who will Jack be without the sport?

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