Terminator Zero voice cast includes Rosario Dawson, Ann Dowd, and more

Meet the full cast of Terminator Zero, and put a face to the voice bringing these animated characters to life, this August!
Terminator Zero (Courtesy of Netflix)
Terminator Zero (Courtesy of Netflix) /

Terminator Zero, the highly anticipated animated series set in the iconic Terminator universe, is gearing up for its Netflix debut this August!

Set against the impending apocalypse of Judgement Day in 1997, the series follows scientist Malcolm Lee as he races to develop an AI system to rival Skynet. His quest for survival and innovation takes a thrilling turn when he and his three children become targets of a relentless robot assassin. Enter a mysterious soldier from 2022, tasked with safeguarding their future. As per Netflix's Media Center, the official synopsis reads:

"2022: A future war has raged for decades between the few human survivors and an endless army of machines. 1997: The AI known as Skynet gained self-awareness and began its war against humanity."

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Amidst this chaos stands a soldier, sent back to alter the course of history. Her mission: protect Malcolm Lee, the scientist pioneering humanity's last hope against Skynet's impending doom. As Malcolm grapples with the ethics of his creation, he finds himself hunted by a relentless assassin from the future -- forever changing the lives of his three children.

If you're eager to discover who will bring these characters to life, look no further! Join us below as we unveil the star-studded voice cast including Rosario Dawson, Ann Dowd, and more, who will ensure that every twist and turn in this sci-fi saga is brought vividly to your screen.

Who are the voice actors in Terminator Zero?

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Terminator Zero (courtesy of Netflix) /

Terminator Zero features a stellar cast of talented actors! Rosario Dawson takes on the role of Kokoro, while Ann Dowd embodies the Prophet, among others.

Let's delve into the full lineup of voices behind this sci-fi animation and the characters they'll be bringing to life.

Rosario Dawson as Kokoro

Rosario Isabel Dawson, born on May 9, 1979, in New York City, is an acclaimed American actress set to voice Kokoro, the AI created by Malcolm Lee, in the upcoming animated series Terminator Zero.

Dawson made her cinematic debut in the 1995 indie drama Kids and has since crafted a diverse career spanning over 25 years. Her impressive filmography includes memorable roles in Men in Black II, Sin City, Rent, Seven Pounds, and Zombieland: Double Tap. Notably adaptable, she has also left her mark in comic book adaptations, portraying Claire Temple across several Marvel/Netflix series and contributing voice work to DC animated projects.

In recent years, Dawson has garnered additional acclaim for her involvement within the Star Wars universe, appearing in The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, and headlining the Disney+ series Ahsoka as Ahsoka Tano.

Age: 45
Instagram: @rosariodawson
Relationship Status: Though unconfirmed if this is still the case in 2024, she most recently was reported to be dating Nnamdi Okafor. They began their relationship in 2022.

Ann Dowd as Prophet

Ann Dowd
"The Handmaid's Tale" - 2022 PaleyFest NY / John Lamparski/GettyImages

Ann Dowd, born on January 30, 1956, in Holyoke, Massachusetts, is a seasoned American actress who will lend her voice to the character Prophet in the upcoming animated series.

Dowd boasts a rich career in film, television, and theater. Her film credits include impactful roles in Philadelphia (1993), Garden State (2004), Compliance (2012), and Hereditary (2018).

On television, she's been celebrated for her performances in The Leftovers (2014-2017) and The Handmaid's Tale (2017-present), where her portrayal earned her a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Age: 68
Instagram: Doesn't have one.
Relationship Status: She has been married to Lawrence Arancio since 1984 and they have three children together; Liam Arancio, Emily Arancio, and Trust Arancio.

Timothy Olyphant as Terminator

Timothy Olyphant
2023 GFS Fall Benefit / Michael Kovac/GettyImages

Timothy Olyphant, born on May 20, 1968, is a celebrated American actor set to voice the Terminator.

Olyphant has garnered acclaim for his career in both television and film. He became widely recognized for portraying Sheriff Seth Bullock in HBO's Deadwood (2004-2006), Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens in FX's Justified (2010-2015), and Joel Hammond in Netflix's beloved series Santa Clarita Diet (2017-2019).

His filmography includes standout roles in Scream 2, Gone in 60 Seconds, Live Free or Die Hard, and Hitman.

Age: 56
Instagram: Doesn't have one.
Relationship Status: He has been married to Alexis Knief since 1991 and they have three children together; Vivian Olyphant, Henry Olyphant, and Grace Olyphant.

Sonoya Mizuno as Eiko

Sonoya Mizuno, born on July 1, 1986, in Tokyo, Japan, is a dynamic Japanese-born English actress, model, and ballet dancer set to voice the character Eiko in the upcoming animated series Terminator Zero.

Mizuno burst onto the screen with a mesmerizing debut in the acclaimed sci-fi thriller Ex Machina (2014). Since then, she's captivated audiences with standout performances in blockbuster hits like Annihilation (2018) and the glamorous Crazy Rich Asians (2018). Her talent extends seamlessly to television, where she's left a lasting impression in mind-bending series such as Maniac (2018) and the gripping FX miniseries Devs (2020).

Recently, Mizuno has taken on the compelling role of Mysaria in HBO's epic House of the Dragon (2022-2024).

Age: 37
Instagram: @sonoya
Relationship Status: She is currently thought to be single.

André Holland as Malcolm Lee

André Holland, born on December 28, 1979, in Bessemer, Alabama, is an accomplished American actor set to voice the character of Malcolm Lee.

Holland boasts a diverse career across film, television, and theater. He garnered acclaim for his portrayal of Kevin in the Academy Award-winning film Moonlight (2016). His impressive filmography includes roles in Selma (2014) and 42 (2013).

On television, Holland captivated audiences as Dr. Algernon Edwards in the Cinemax drama series The Knick. His versatility and dedication to his craft have made him a standout talent in the industry.

Age: 44
Instagram: @andreholland
Relationship Status: He is currently thought to be single.

When is Terminator Zero coming to Netflix?

Netflix : Illustration
Netflix : Illustration / Chesnot/GettyImages

The wait is nearly over! Terminator Zero lands on our Netflix screens on Thursday, August 29, 2024 at 3 a.m. ET and 12 a.m. PT.

Stay tuned to Netflix Life for news, updates recommendations and more!

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