Sweet Tooth season 3 episode 8 recap: “This Is A Story”

The story comes to an end in the Sweet Tooth season 3 finale.
Sweet Tooth. Adeel Akhtar as Singh in episode 308 of Sweet Tooth. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024
Sweet Tooth. Adeel Akhtar as Singh in episode 308 of Sweet Tooth. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024 /

The Sweet Tooth season 3 season and series finale, “This Is A Story,” begins with a tribute of sorts to the fallen. 

“All stories end. The only question remains: Who will be alive to tell this one, humans or hybrids?” 

The episode picks up right after Singh kills Birdie in episode 7. Zhang’s men tie up Jepp, but Gus is unable to stop them. Gus tells Zhang and everyone in the cave that they deserve to die because of how awful they have been as a species. Gus explains how he’s only tried to save humans, but he knows now that they aren’t worth saving. Zhang tells Gus that she’s going to undo hybrids and then eradicate them. She shares her plan to create a new virus that kills all hybrids. 

Siana, Nuka, Becky, and Wendy lead the rest of the survivors on a mission to stop the Beast the same way that the natives in the region hunted whales. 

Back in the cave, Jepp uses his football skills to break free. He lights a flare, and he says that he’s going to burn down the tree and blow up the cave with dynamite. Zhang calls his bluff, and then she stabs him. Then, Singh tells Gus that it’s time to die, basically, which is horrific given the backdrop of what’s happening. 

On the way to the cave, Ginger’s water breaks just as Wendy, Becky, and the gang arrive to stop the Beast. Odell shoots the harpoon into the back of the Beast’s fuel tank. They create a small hole, but the fuel isn’t draining fast enough. Becky jumps out of the truck, makes her way into the cabin of the Beast, and pulls the emergency brake, sending the machine toppling over and bursting into flames. 

As Singh raises the knife, Jepp interrupts and asks him not to lose himself. We have a real devil (Zhang) and angel (Jepp) on Singh's shoulder kind of thing going on for a bit. After Zhang asks him to think of his wife, Singh changes his mind. He lets Gus go. In the chaos, Zhang yanks the axe from the tree, which causes the Sick to spread. All the humans in the cave fall to the ground. Everywhere, the humans start to succumb to the Sick.

Gus tries to save them in the end. He cuts his palm and holds it to the tree. He’s transported to some mystical plane. Will Forte’s character, Pubba, returns! Gus explains why he left the woods. Pubba tells Gus that nature is ready to turn the page and explains that they can leave the world a little better than they found it. Gus, in turn, chooses to turn the page on the world. Jepp asks Gus to come back to them from the real world, and Gus returns after Pubba and Jepp share a fatherly nod. 

Gus lights the tree on fire, just like the fires in Pubba’s stories. It stops the Sick. Everyone wakes back up! All the humans live!

Gus and Jepp embrace as the tree burns. Gus shares that he let nature decide what to do. Right then, the cave begins collapsing. Gus is going to be crushed by a boulder, but Singh pushes him out of the way as it crashes on top of him. He dies as Gus and Jepp flee the cave.

Back at the Beast, Ginger goes into labor while Becky and Wendy put their differences with Rosie and the Zhangs aside to help with the delivery. Ginger asks what their mom will think, but Rosie says it’s not important anymore. 

Outside the cave, Ginger gives birth to………… a hybrid baby! 

Nature chose that humans have ended while hybrids are the future. 

Jepp, Wendy, Becky, and Gus have a moment after finishing what they started. Jepp has a serious wound. They rest while the sunrises. Jepp asks Gus to tell him a story. Gus tells him a story about a Big Man. 

As gus tells the story, Zhang’s plane leaves, leaving her behind in Alaska. The settlers of the outpost start to rebuild. Gus returns to the forest and finds all of his hybrid friends left behind. During the epic friendship montage, we see Gus, Wendy, and Becky helping build a community in the forest. 

At the end of Gus’s story, we flash forward to Gus, now an old deerMAN. He’s been narrating this story the whole time.

Gus shares that the best of humanity survived. Gus and Wendy are together and they have children and grandchildren. They are the ones who have been listening to Gus’s story. 

For a minute, it looks like Jepp died in Alaska, but he made it with Gus. They built the community together. They clink maple syrup bottles right before the credits roll. 

No, I’m not crying. 

What an incredible finale. This is truly one of Netflix’s best-kept secrets. I hope everyone who’s been watching since the beginning enjoyed the finale.

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