Sweet Tooth season 3 episode 7 recap: “The Road Ends Here”

Gus's story takes a devastating turn in the pentultimate episode of Sweet Tooth season 3.
Sweet Tooth. Christian Convery as Gus in episode 305 of Sweet Tooth. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024
Sweet Tooth. Christian Convery as Gus in episode 305 of Sweet Tooth. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024 /

In the first scene of Sweet Tooth season 3 episode 7,” The Road Ends Here,” we open with Tommy Jeppard’s last game playing professional football. He uses his son’s ultrasound photo as inspiration before taking the field. 

Then, we cut back to the church in Alaska, and it’s the Big Man pounding on the door. Nuka told him where to go, and he meets Birdie for the first time. She thanks Jepp for everything. Jepp breaks the bad news that Singh is now working with Zhang now. The good news is that they’re leaving immediately for the cave. Jepp has one last adventure in him after all! 

Back at Birdie’s cabin, Siana and the remaining survivors at the outpost make a plan to re-take the outpost. They team up and put together a strategy. Becky and Wendy are going to steal the clicker that Rosie uses to control her children. The rest of the team is supposed to stop the drill, also known as the Beast, which Zhang plans to use to take the blood of the Earth, from leaving the outpost. 

Rosie and Ginger have a conversation about their father and their last conversation. Rosie reveals that the last thing she said to her father was when she told him that she was pregnant. Her father told him to get rid of her children and how that conversation turned into an argument. She tells Ginger why she left, and Ginger asks why she came back and if she misses it. Rosie tells her that “freedom isn’t the only thing that matters” and that she traded hers for security. Ginger replies, “Maybe you traded wrong.” 

Gus, Jepp, and Birdie eventually find the cave. Jepp and Birdie are trying to figure out what the next steps are and if it’s okay to stop the hybrids from being born or trying to fix a world that’s not broken. 

Despite the treacherous journey into the cave, Gus, Jepp, and Birdie make it past freezing water, ice, and a cave full of the Sick. Luckily, it’s frozen, but it’s starting to thaw. They sprint past and finally make it to the tree at the center, the tree Captain Thacker cut into with an axe and stole the sap, also known as the blood of the Earth, where everything started. Birdie realizes that the sap leaked into the ice, which they brought to Fort Smith, which started the Great Crumble. She explains why Gus can’t take the axe from the tree. She also says that it’s time for nature to run its course. Nature created the Sick to wipe out humans, but it also created hybrids, the new species it chose to inherit the Earth. Jepp agrees with Birdie that humans are the disease and the Sick is the cure. 

After Birdie’s speech, Singh, Zhang, and her men make it to the cave. They take Gus, Jepp, and Birdie captive. 

At the outpost, Wendy, Becky, and Sianna try their best to stop the Zhangs from leaving in the Beast. Wendy and Becky trap the dogs in the outpost, and the settlers make their move. In the shootout, Becky and Wendy survive, but they are unable to stop the Beast from leaving the outpost. 

Singh reveals to Gus that his dream was always to kill him in the cave. He can’t outrun fate, and this is how it ends. When he tries to stab Gus with a giant knife, Birdie and Jepp fight off Zhang’s men, but only Birdie steps in front of Singh, who stabs her instead of Gus. She dies in the cave. 

And, that’s the end of the episode. What an incredibly brutal and devastating way for Birdie and Gus’s time together to end.