Supersex soundtrack: What songs play in the seductive Netflix series?

Supersex. (L to R) Alessandro Borghi as Rocco, Gaia Messerklinger as Moana in episode 104 of Supersex. Cr. Lucia Iuorio/Netflix © 2024
Supersex. (L to R) Alessandro Borghi as Rocco, Gaia Messerklinger as Moana in episode 104 of Supersex. Cr. Lucia Iuorio/Netflix © 2024 /

The only thing sexier than the jaw-dropping sex scenes in Supersex was the Netflix original series' soundtrack, as this collection of music features a great number of original symphonies we love putting on in the background.

No matter where we are or what we're doing, the second we put on this show's playlist, we find ourselves transported to the exact moment in the show when we first heard the song.

For example, "Rocco Siffredi is Born (10, 9, 8, ...)" takes us back to the very moment we streamed Supersex on Netflix and we were filled with excitement about what we were going to witness. The same can be said for "Making Love with Tina", a song that we knew would immediately capture the love and lust of that sex scene!

Supersex. (L to R) Linda Caridi as Tina, Alessandro Borghi as Rocco in episode 105 of Supersex. Cr. Lucia Iuorio/Netflix © 2024 /

Undoubtedly, the soundtrack behind Supersex really makes the show pop, which is why we want to let you know all about the playlist and where you can give the official soundtrack a listen.

Supersex's soundtrack will leave you hot and bothered!

Ralf Hildenbeutel, the composer of the Supersex's soundtrack, really showcased his talent, as he created masterpiece after masterpiece after masterpiece. Hildenbeutel was able to truly capture the emotion of each scene with a number of well-placed chords. For that, we can't help but be thoroughly impressed by his skills.

Without further ado, here are all the songs Hildenbeutel created for Netflix's Supersex!

  1. Rocco Siffredi is Born (10, 9, 8, ...)
  2. Rocco's Ressurection
  3. Carmela - Suite
  4. We Don't Look Back (feat. Lasse Matthiessen)
  5. Brotherlove
  6. When It Should Feel Right (But Doesn't)
  7. Club 106
  8. Forbidden Games
  9. Young Rocco
  10. Rocco Discovers the Magazine
  11. Pigalle
  12. Those Years in Ortona - Suite
  13. 1994 - Cannes
  14. Diva Futura
  15. I'm Done with Porn
  16. Rocca and Lucia
  17. Tommaso
  18. Clashing Again
  19. Soft Porn Shoot
  20. This Tender Moment
  21. The Moana Show
  22. Tina
  23. Making Love with Tina
  24. Mothers and Her Fights
  25. The 80s
  26. Broken Love
  27. Sylvie's Audition (Variations over a Piano Theme)
  28. Rocco and Gabriele

If you have a subscription to Apple Music or Spotify, you can give all these songs a listen at your leisure. If you don't have subscriptions to either one, then you're in luck because Netflix's Music YouTube Channel, @NetflixMusic, has the entire playlist available to listen to. (You can check it out here!)

Ralf Hildenbeutel shares his excitement with fans!

Ralf Hildenbeutel was more than proud of his final work of art. So much so that he took to his LinkedIn to share his joy toward being a part of a Netflix show that went on to make it to the streaming service's Top Ten trending list.

"[I] am more than excited that the soundtrack album is out on all digital formats," Hildenbeutel wrote on his social media. "Likely the most eclectic score I’ve ever worked on, from orchestra pieces to 90s electro, all included…It has been an intense ride with a wonderful team. The polarising series entered Netflix’s top 5 worldwide this week!"

Perhaps you share similar sentiments with the German composer and are now a huge fan of Hildenbeutel. If so, here are a couple more titles featuring his music!

  • Everybody Loves Diamonds (2023)
  • Màkari (2021)
  • Something Evil Becomes Us (2020)
  • Non Mentire (2019)
  • Afterword (2018)
  • Bye Bye Super 8 (2012)

Maybe Ralf Hildenbeutel will write for another Netflix show in the near future. Of course, we can only hope! But until then, head to Netflix to stream every second of Supersex and listen to the amazing songs that play.