Supacell episode 5 recap: "Rodney"

The penultimate episode of Supacell is the best of the season so far!
Supacell - Credit: Netflix
Supacell - Credit: Netflix /

Supacell episode 5 is the episode that brings the whole story together! 

In the fourth episode of the Netflix original series, we saw the whole group, basically, together for the first time, but it was no happy union. Supacell pisode 5, “Rodney,” begins at the stash house. There’s a quick exchange of gunfire before Andre steals the safe, knocks Tazer to the ground, and flees. Rodney leaves quickly, too.

The next time we see Rodney is when he is at the hospital with Spud, who is in bad shape and might not wake up, according to the doctors. Later in the hospital hallway, Rodney and Sabrina meet, and Rodney recognizes her from the stash house. While Sabrina tries to walk by without him noticing, Rodney asks her to take care of Spud and do anything she can to save him. She says that she will. Then, he runs off, but he's being tracked.

On the CCTV at the mysterious place, the scientists are tracking Rodney. They realize that the group of people with powers -- Rodney, Sabrina, Tazer, and Andre -- has come in contact with each other, and that’s unusual. The scientists are trying to figure out what to do next, and they think Rodney will lead them to the others, so they continue to track his movements all day.

Rodney goes home and visits his mother after leaving the hospital. She has a whole other family with “Gregg,” who doesn’t like Rodney. He asks his mom to leave Gregg and come live with him because Gregg is a racist. 

At Sabrina's house, Sharleen hooked up with Krazy again while Sabrina was at work getting a promotion. As Krazy is leaving, he chokes Sharleen. Later, when she tells Sabrina, Sabrina promises to kill him when she sees him again. Unfortunately, later in the episode, Sharleen goes missing! She's taken to the mysterious organization.

At Health & Unity where Michael's mom is staying for treatment, Michael is waiting for information about his mom. When he finally connects with Dionne, she has new information about her investigation. She’s learned that these missing girls are connected, and they may have powers. At their apartment, Michael tries to tell Dionne that he knows that she dies in the future, but they’re interrupted by Rodney, who tells Michael that he’s found the others. He tells Michael that they met at the stash house, and Rodney is going to take Michael to the others. Dionne asks Michael to stay, but he leaves anyway. 

The rest of the episode is just a wild ride! Tazer and his crew are arrested after beating up Veronica, the girl who set them up during the ambush. Later, they get arrested for having drugs in their car when they’re pulled over, but Tazer uses his invisibility and escapes.

Rodney and Michael try to find Andre after shaking down Andre's friend, who convinces Andre to meet Michael and Rodney. When Andre is on their way to meet them, he’s jumped by one of the hooded figures.

When Michael and Rodney find out that Andre was attacked and kidnapped, they visit Sabrina to warn her and ask her again to work together. She’s already on a mission to find Krazy after he threatened her sister. They agree to try to find Tazer, which they do shortly after.

As Tazer is fleeing the police and walking home, he’s attacked by a hooded figure and knocked out. The figure opens a portal, but Tazer slices his leg. Another hooded figure walks through the portal and throws a ball of electricity at Tazer. Suddenly, Sabrina, Michael, and Rodney appear and save Tazer! Well, they don't actually save him, but they are there to back him up! It’s officially four on two, and that’s when the episode ends. 

There's only one more episode of Supacell left! The fifth episode sets up the Supacell finale perfectly.