Supacell episode 4 recap: "Andre"

Michael almost brings the team together in the fourth episode of Supacell season 1.
Supacell. Eric Kofi Abrefa as Andre (Right) in Supacell. Cr. Ana Blumenkron/Netflix © 2024.
Supacell. Eric Kofi Abrefa as Andre (Right) in Supacell. Cr. Ana Blumenkron/Netflix © 2024. /

Sharleen questions Sabrina about her powers in the first scene of Supacell episode 4, “Andre.” Sabrina says that she’s going to turn herself in for killing that guy, but Sharleen won’t let her. 

Back with Michael and Rodney, Rodney leaves after hearing Michael out. He doesn’t think this is his problem, which is obviously a big bummer to Michael, who is just trying to save his fiance! Later in the episode, Michael meets with Rodney and Spud, who had convinced Rodney to form an “Avengers”-like team-up to stop those hooded figures. Rodney still doesn’t want to do it. 

Throughout the fourth episode, Andre is forced to confront his problems. He can't get a job. His relationship with his son, AJ, is strained at times due to Andre's instability and lack of work. But luckily, he has an interview. Prior to the interview, Andre is visited by investigators from a collections agency. He’s forced to turn over all of his cash from the ATM to the collectors. The interview goes well, but as soon as Andre reveals that he can't hold a job because of his criminal record, he doesn't get the job.

Meanwhile, Michael is still trying to find the others, and thanks to Gabriel, he figures out to use his job in package delivery to try to find people with the names that were given to him. He knows Rodney and Tazer, but he needs Sabrina and Andre. He has yet to figure out who they are. Unfortunately, the whole time that they are trying to figure out who Sabrina and Andre are, Andre is sitting in the booth behind him plotting a heist at Krazy's stash house.

Speaking of Tazer, he meets with Krazy in the park. Krazy asks him to join up and work for him. He offers to put all the stuff with Tiny in the past. Tazer doesn’t bite. Instead, he tells Krazy that he met with him to tell him that he’s going to kill him if he sees him again. 

Andre, on the other hand, pays a visit to buy drugs from Krazy’s crew so that they can scope out the stash house. He plans to steal Krazy’s safe through a back entrance. And, because they didn't see any guns or that much protection, Andre plans to use his powers to hit Krazy’s stash house that night. 

Shortly after, Michael finds Sabrina by chance, delivering packages around the city, but she doesn’t listen to him. Finally, he gets a chance to explain, but it doesn't go all that well. Sabrina is skeptical of Michael, his vision of the future, and his assessment of the situation. She just wants to know what's wrong with her, and she's going through a lot with her sister.

Back at the stash house, Krazy realizes that his crew is losing money to Rodney and Spud's speedy marijuana sales business. They plan to set them up and teach them a lesson outside the stash house that night. 

With the Tower Boys, Tazer also plans to hit the stash house to take revenge for Tiny. This is the set up for the big introduction of the season. For those keepin track, the four people Michael needs to help him are going to be at on location.

That night, it all goes down at the stash house! Sabrina and Sharleen go in to buy some drugs and visit Krazy. Then, Tazer and the Tower Boys run in and start shooting. In the chaos, Andre comes in through the back. Rodney arrives after he realizes Spud is in trouble. In the shootout, Andre, Tazer, Sabrina, and Rodney all meet for the first time in the back room where Krazy keeps the safe. They don't trust each other at first, obviously, but it's great to see them all together.

Michael was supposed to be there, but his mom had a health scare at the sickle cell center. Had he been there, he would have realized that the gang was all there, but it definitely sets up the story for all five of them to work together soon.

That’s the end of episode 4! There are only two more episodes to go!

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