Supacell episode 3 recap: "Sabrina"

Halfway through the first season of Supacell, the intensity is ramped up to series high in the third episode.
Supacell - Credit: Netflix
Supacell - Credit: Netflix /

The third episode of Supacell, “Sabrina,” begins immediately where the second episode ends.

Krazy tells Masher to shoot Tiny because he’s the one who lined up the deal for Twosie and Masher. Tazer asks for a one-on-one fight with Masher. In the fight, Tazer takes a beating, but he wins the fight before Krazy calls it off by firing a gunshot. It looks like they’ve won the day. As the Tower Boys are celebrating, Krazy shoots Tiny in the back. 

They get Tiny to the hospital. Thankfully, he lives, but he might never walk again. 

Elsewhere, Dionne tries to find out what’s going on with these missing girls, including Jasmine, which is leading toward the mysterious organization we keep seeing in little clips. We learn a little more about it in this episode, as doctors take blood from the woman who was killed in the opening scene of the series. 

Sabrina visits a neurologist who confirms that there’s nothing wrong with her, even though she has special powers, but she’s really struggling to focus at work because of the powers. Luckily, her sister, Sharleen, has it all figured out. A night out at the club is going to help her forget about these powers. That always works in these shows, right?

Michael books his mom a place at Health & Unity after another visit with Victoria, but his mom knows there is something up. Michael doesn’t tell her the truth about the superpowers, Dionne, or anything else.

Later, Andre sees Krazy’s crew trying to groom his son to join their little operation. He also reveals to his son, AJ, that his grandfather died of sickle cell anemia, but he nor his son have “any trace” of it. Interesting, interesting, interesting. Andre confronts the group and tells them to stay away from AJ, but they say they aren’t going to back off. 

Michael, then, catches up with Tazer and begs him to help him by telling him who Rodney, Andre, and Sabrina are. Michael knows they must work together, but Tazer doesn’t have any interest or time for Michael. He has his sights set on taking over London and taking revenge on Krazy. 

After it doesn’t work out with Tazer, he tries to find Rodney by asking around for weed for hours. Finally, he gets Rodney’s number from a random guy and reaches out. Eventually, Michael finds Rodney. Rodney meets him in the park to sell him some drugs, but in the park, one of those hooded figures attacks Rodney. Luckily, Michael arrives, saves Rodney, and tries to explain everything that’s been happening. Rodney doesn't want to hear it and leaves.

Before they go to the club, Krazy shows up at Sabrina’s house, showing how interconnected these stories are becoming. Sabrina’s sister used to date Krazy before he went to prison, but he’s out now. He gives Sharleen a diamond watch.

Then, Sharleen and Sabrina go out to the club. After smoking in an alley with a guy, Sharleen tries to leave, but the man forces himself on her. Luckily, Sabrina shows up and uses her powers to get him away, but he has powers too! This guy can fly! He swoops down on Sabrina and Sharleen, but Sabrina uses her powers again and throws him into a brick wall, killing him, or so it appears. 

Someone watching on CCTV zooms in on Sharleen’s face leaving the club with the guy, and the episode ends. Onto episode 4!