Stephen Amell wrestling drama Heels headed to Netflix, but not for season 3 (yet?)

Heels heads to Netflix after its cancellation, which leads to the question of whether the wrestling drama could be revived for season 3.
Stephen Amell ("Jack Spade”) in Heels season 2. Image courtesy Daniel Delgado, Heels © 2022 Starz Entertainment, LLC
Stephen Amell ("Jack Spade”) in Heels season 2. Image courtesy Daniel Delgado, Heels © 2022 Starz Entertainment, LLC /

And the acquisitions continue for Netflix! As the streaming service continues to flesh out its ranks with more content from other studios, networks, and streamers, it's getting into the ring with the canceled Starz wrestling drama Heels. The Hollywood Reporter shared the exclusive news of the streaming deal for the show between Netflix and Lionsgate on April 9.

Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig star in Heels as brothers Jack and Ace Spade, who are rivals in professional wrestling with Jack being a heel and Ace being a face. The hero and villain series first debuted on Starz in October 2021. The second season arrived in July 2023 and would ultimately become the show's last as the cable network started axing many of its original series.

Now, the wrestling drama has the chance at not only a second life to have its two eight-episode seasons appreciated thanks to Netflix. But as The Hollywood Reporter notes, there's also the chance that the streamer could opt to revive the show for a third season since its run was cut so short. However, it's all dependent on — of course — viewership and Amell's availability.

How Heels season 3 could happen on Netflix

In case you hadn't heard, the USA Network series Suits was a massive hit on Netflix last year. Like, such a massive hit that NBC quickly put together a continuation series. It's not a direct revival, but Suits: LA will take place within the same universe and feature none other than Heels star Stephen Amell in the lead role. Naturally, that poses a challenge for a potential third season.

THR notes that Suits: LA seems like a safe bet to land a series order at Netflix, and in that case, Amell would be in "first position" to the NBC series. Translation: His commitment to Suits: LA would take priority to any other work he should take on, whether it's movies or a revived third season of Heels. It's not really a matter of it he wanted to do it as much as it's a matter of if he could.

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Obviously, talk of a third season of the show is extremely premature, given that Netflix hasn't set an official release date for the first two seasons of Heels (as of this writing on April 9). Likewise, we don't yet know how the show will perform on the streamer, though it's easy to presume that audiences will flock to the critically acclaimed series, which ended on a shocking cliffhanger.

Following its cancellation in September 2023, executive producer and showrunner Mike O'Malley opened up about "actively" looking for a new home for Heels. The actor and producer told Entertainment Weekly, "I really do think it's going to have a life someplace else. We did not intend, nor do we intend, for [the season 2 finale] to be the last episode of the show."

It's not impossible for the wrestling drama to make a comeback with a new season, but fans should manage their expectations given the volatility and unpredictable nature of both streaming and television. Becoming a hit on Netflix doesn't always guarantee a revival or reboot (Warrior, so far), but stranger things have definitely happened (Manifest). If you want season 3, make sure to watch the Spade brothers when they arrive on Netflix.

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