Squid Game surprise: Season 2 AND season 3 reportedly wrap filming

Squid Game season 2 - Cr: Netflix/Juhan Noh
Squid Game season 2 - Cr: Netflix/Juhan Noh /

Here's some unexpectedly great news for Squid Game fans! The highly anticipated second season of the breakout phenomenon has reportedly wrapped filming ahead of its release later on this year, potentially in December 2024 as teased by series star Lee Jung-jae.

But that's not the only bit of good news surrounding Squid Game. Along with the reveal that season 2 has wrapped filming, word on the street is that filming on season 3 has also wrapped. Netflix hasn't formally renewed the pop culture phenomenon Korean drama series for a third season, but reports suggest that each season contains six or seven episodes and were filmed back-to-back.

Squid Game season 3 rumored to wrap filming, too

The streaming service has already confirmed multiple times that Squid Game season 2 will be released in 2024, but the potential that Netflix got ahead of the demand and filmed a third season is super smart. After all, Squid Game was initially released on Netflix in September 2021. It's been a three-year wait to get this point, so filming season 3 early for a likely release in 2025 is a wise choice.

Recent reports have suggested that Netflix's other global hit original series Bridgerton will stick to its current release pattern and drop a new season every two years. Waiting between seasons can weigh on viewers, especially when the episode counts are below 10 episodes (and the releases are sometimes split into two parts). Another two-plus yearlong wait for more Squid Game would be tiresome.

A second season of Squid Game wasn't always in the cards. But when the series became an inescapable hit and grew into one of Netflix's most popular and most watched original series of all time, discussions began for follow-up seasons. By the end of 2021, creator Hwang Dong-hyuk was talking to Netflix about both a second and third season. The second season received an official order from Netflix in June 2022, though no word had been mentioned about season 3 until now.

In February 2024, Netflix revealed the first footage from season 2 and again confirmed that the follow up season would be released this year. The streamer also renewed the show's reality competition spinoff series Squid Game: The Challenge for a second season. Clearly, there's a lot to look forward to in the near future regarding this franchise. We'll share additional details season 2 (and 3!) as Netflix reveals more information.

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