Simone Biles Rising docuseries sets release date ahead of 2024 Olympics

The major multi-sport event in Paris begins July 26, and Biles is making a comeback this year!
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Simone Biles is one of the most well-known names and figures in gymnastics, sports, and the Olympics. Notably, she was on track to win the Olympic Gold Medal(s) at the 2020 Tokyo games. But the gymnast shocked everyone when she decided to step away and withdrew from the competition. So what happened? Well, her new Netflix docuseries, Simone Biles Rising, will answer that question. And it's set to release right before the Olympics this year.

Simone Biles Rising premieres all four episodes Wednesday, July 17, 2024 on Netflix. The docuseries' release comes just a little over a week before the 2024 Olympics in Paris that start Friday, July 26. It's not only relevant in timing the release with the big event, but it's also because there's a huge thing happening. Biles is ready to make a comeback! Four years after leaving the Olympic training and competition world behind, she's ready to try again. And you know I'll definitely be cheering for her! She's one of the few athletes I actually like and follow. This is so exciting!

Simone Biles in Simone Biles Rising documentary on Netflix
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In 2020, the gymnast left the Tokyo games in the middle of the competition due to mental health struggles. As seen in the trailer (shared below), there's glimpses of those struggles and Biles is ready to talk about them. And as the synopsis reads, since that time the iconic athlete has "put in the hard work." And I have no doubt about that! All athletes, but especially gymnasts, go through so much training and work to perfect their athletcism. And if Biles has a passion for it, I'm so happy for her and at the same time glad she stepped away and put her mental health first. We shared the synopsis and trailer below:

"Simone Biles has unfinished business. At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, she was one of the biggest stories leading into the Games. But in sport, as in life, competitions do not always go as planned. And for Simone, the world had a front row seat as her private struggle with mental health exploded on the international stage – forcing her to withdraw from the competition. Since then, Simone has put in the hard work: facing the difficult traumas of her past, learning to manage her mental health, embracing her journey, and in the process, rebuilding her gymnastics from the ground up. Her courage to soar knows no bounds as this summer she plans to return to the Olympic stage once again to do what she’s always done – be the best Simone that she can be. Because through it all, Simone still rises."

Biles has received a total of 37 Olympic and World Championship medals, making her the most decorated gymnast ever. What an incredible title to have! Seven of those are Olympic medals, and she has won a total of four Olympic Gold medals. Even in Tokyo where she didn't finish the games, Biles still took home a silver medal with her team and a bronze one for her work on the balance beam.

Since she left the Olympics to focus on herself, she continued going to the gym to stay in shape as seen in the trailer. In 2023, Biles competed in the World Championships, which was followed by the Core Hydration Classic and the U.S. Gymnastics Chamiponships in 2024. She also married NFL player Jonathan Owens who plays for the Chicago Bears in 2023.

Now going into this year, she's ready for the biggest competiton of all, the 2024 Olympics and is even going on the Gold Over America Tour where you can see her and her team live starting in September 2024. Ticket details here. We can't wait to cheer Simone on! The Olympics ceremony will be available to watch on NBC, so be sure not to miss it. But before that, make sure the Netflix documentary is on your watch list.

Simone Biles Rising drops all four episodes Wednesday, July 17, 2024 on Netflix.

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