Saddle up for ABC Family's nostalgic favorite Wildfire on Netflix! When to start watching

Giddy, and we can't stress this enough, up for the 2000s nostalgia!
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And the nostalgic hits just keep on coming! Netflix's new commitment to acquiring past and recent favorites from its peers deserves praise because it's given us the chance to binge-watch great shows like Suits, Killing Eve, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, White Collar, Black Sails, and so many others that dropped into our watch lists in the past year.

Keeping the good times rolling, Netflix announced its complete list of new releases coming in May 2024 and on that list was a hidden gem from the ABC Family era, the horse ranch drama series Wildfire. Personally, I never would have expected that Netflix would be the one to deliver this level of millennial nostalgia and bring Wildfire back to a major streaming service.

For those who might not be familiar with Wildfire, the series stars Genevieve Padalecki (then known as Genevieve Cortese) as Kris Furillo, a troubled teen with a talent for horseback riding. When she strikes a deal to work at Raintree Farms after leaving a detention center, Kris discovers a whole new set of struggles with a new family, new romances, and new responsibilities.

The series was created by Michael Piller and Christopher Teague and made its premiere on ABC Family in June 2005. Wildfire ran for four seasons, which contained a total of 52 episodes. These days, ABC Family goes by the name Freeform, but back then, the cable network was the place to be for must-watch youth-skewing content. Here's when fans can relive every single moment!

Wildfire release date and time on Netflix

All four seasons of Wildfire release on Netflix on Tuesday, May 21. Like most Netflix new release shows and movies, the complete series will drop at midnight on the West Coast of the United States and at 3 a.m. on the East Coast. It's a bit late to stay up on a Monday night, but if you need a quick dose of the charming throwback right away, no one will judge you.

If you want to get a jump on your binge-watch or you don't have access to Netflix and would still like to get in on the throwback viewing, the series is also available to watch for free on four additional platforms. Amazon Freevee has three seasons available to stream for free (the first season is available for purchase), while The Roku Channel, Pluto TV, and Tubi each have the complete series.

Beyond Padalecki in the leading role, Wildfire also stars Micah Alberti as Matt Ritter, Ryan Sypek as Junior Davis, Nicole Tubiola as Dani Davis, James Read as Ken Davis, Nana Visitor as Jean Ritter, Greg Serano as Pablo Betart, and Dennis Weaver as Henry Ritter. Plenty more familiar faces pop up throughout the series, including Felicity and Power Rangers vet Amy Jo Johnson and The Rookie star Eric Winter.

As previously mentioned, the drama series contains 52 total episodes. With 13 episodes per season, it's a relatively quick binge-watch that you won't regret saddling up for. If you're a fan of Netflix shows like My Life with the Walter Boys, Virgin River, Sweet Magnolias, and Heartland (which isn't a Netflix show, but it's popular on Netflix), then this is the perfect pick for your May watch list.

Wildfire begins streaming on Netflix on Tuesday, May 21.

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