Patrick Mahomes won't be in Quarterback 2, but we're hoping these 3 QBs will be

We know Patrick Mahomes won't be back for the second season of Quarterback, but we're hoping these three quarterbacks signed on to the show.
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One of the biggest draws when Netflix launched the first season of Quarterback in 2023 was the fact that the show's cast included Super Bowl LVII champion quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Having Mahomes in the cast of the debut season, was a major get for Netflix as it allowed the first season of the show to launch with one of the biggest players in the NFL and a reigning Super Bowl champion. This allowed the audience at home to literally follow a quarterback not just during the regular season, but all the way through the biggest game of the year.

While Mahomes was a part of the first season, he's sadly passed on the opportunity to return for the show's second season revealing that he will not be coming back. This isn't because he didn't enjoy doing the show, but rather because the whole point of the show is to provide the fans at home with unique perspectives from the league's many talented quarterbacks.

“I’m not planning on doing this upcoming season. I’m going to try to let other people have a chance at it, but it’s definitely something I’m open to doing further down the line,” Mahomes shared in an interview with Audacy’s 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City. “I think it’d be out of what the show wants to entail in showing different perspectives if I did back-to-back years. We’ll let some other guys get out there and maybe later in my career I’ll hop back on there.”

With a new batch of quarterbacks primed to replace Mahomes and fellow season 1 stars Kirk Cousins and Marcus Mariota in the show's second season, Netflix has been searching around the league for new prospective stars. While rumor has it many quarterbacks turned down the show, we're hoping these there star quarterbacks might step up to the plate and appear as part of the season 2 cast!

Jared Goff
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3. Jared Goff

Jared Goff is no stranger to the league, having been a starting quarterback for nearly a decade now but a Super Bowl win is something that has continued to evade Goff. While he might not have taken the Detroit Lions to the Super Bowl this year, he did help lead the team to its first NFC Championship game since 1992.

The Lions had a truly magnificent season and getting the chance to see the team's journey from one of the worst teams in the league to one of the top teams in the NFL was such a thrilling one to follow. So to get to see Goff's journey unfold across the second season of Quarterback would be a perfect way to cap off what was truly a season for the books.

Even as he led his team to the NFC Championship, Goff remained an underrated quarterback and it would be incredible to see him get his well-earned time in the spotlight as a lead in Quarterback season 2.

C.J. Stroud, CJ Stroud
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2. C. J. Stroud

One thing we did not get to see in the first season of Quarterback was what it's like for a new quarterback in the league, but that could change in season 2 with the addition of C.J. Stroud.

Stroud was absolutely electric in his first season with the Houston Texans, breaking a handful of rookie records as he helped lead the team to their first division title since 2019. Under his leadership, Stroud helped turn the Texans back around taking a team that won just three games in the 2022 season and turning them into a Super Bowl contender.

It was amazing getting to see Stroud's rookie performance on the field over the course of the season, and we can't think of anything more exciting than getting to go behind the scenes to witness his spectauclar freshman season via Quarterback season 2.

Brock Purdy
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1. Brock Purdy

Just because Patrick Mahomes won't be back for Quarterback season 2 doesn't mean the show still can't feature a quarterback who led their team to the Super Bowl! San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy would be an amazing addition to the cast of season 2 and would again allow fans to see a quarterback's journey across the regular and post-season.

Some forget that Purdy is still just getting started in his career, leading the 49ers to the Super Bowl in just his second season with the team. Casting him as part of the season 2 cast for Quarterback almost seems like kismet.

Despite being the starting quarterback of a Super Bowl team, Purdy still has gotten drowned out in the main narratives of the Super Bowl and we'd love for him to get the chance to win over fans by letting them see the work that goes into things behind the scenes. We'd also love the chance to get to know more about Purdy as a player off the field via the show, which did an amazing job in season 1 in spotlighting its three focal players.

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