5 Netflix movies to watch with your mom on Mother's Day 2024

Happy Mother's Day 2024!
Michelle Yeoh in Everything Everywhere All At Once - Cr. Allyson Riggs/A24
Michelle Yeoh in Everything Everywhere All At Once - Cr. Allyson Riggs/A24 /

Happy Mother's Day! Nothing brings the family together like a good movie. If you're celebrating the holiday with your mom this year, why not kick back with a great movie on Netfiix? We picked out five good Netflix movies to watch with mom on Mother's Day!

Even if you're celebrating mom from afar, you can start a teleparty on Netflix to watch the movie together! Sorry, guys, there's no excuse not to watch a movie with mom this year.

Let's get the list started with the most popular movie on Netflix right now, Mother of the Bride.

Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Bride
Mother of the Bride. Cr. Sasidis Sasisakulporn/Netflix © 2024 /

Mother of the Bride is the perfect movie to watch this Mother's Day. It's a new movie with a stellar cast, a good story, and some big laughs.

The Netflix movie stars Brooke Shields, Miranda Cosgrove, Sean Teale, Chad Michael Murray, Rachael Harris, Benjamin Bratt, and more. It tells the story of Emma (Miranda Cosgrove), who surprises her family with the news that she's getting married in Thailand in one month. Her mother, Lana (Brooke Shields), isn't quite sure what to do about it, and then, she realizes her daughter's new husband is the son of the man who caused her heartache. Drama and comedy ensue!

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once is the best mom movie of all time, and it ain't even close! Michelle Yeoh is incredible as Evelyn, a mother and owner of a laundromat who has to save the world.

Evelyn and her husband, Waymond, played by Ke Huy Quan, are in danger of losing their business and are well on their way to ruining their relationship with their daughter, Joy, played by Stephanie Hsu. With the fate of the universe at stake, Evelyn teams with a version of Waymond from an alternate universe to stop Jobu Tupaki, also played by Hsu, and the destruction of everything.

This is my top choice for you and mom to watch this Mother's Day!


Shrek 20th Anniversary. Image courtesy Universal Pictures, DreamWorks Animation and Fathom Events /

Shrek is the pick for moms and families who are fans of animated comedies. Shrek is one of the most iconic animated movies of all time. My mom loves it! Your mom loves it! Everyone loves it!

Shrek is also one of the most popular Netflix movies right now. I don't know why Shrek suddenly is one of the most-watched movies in the world, but that's the beauty of Netflix. We can all watch it together!

Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies - A24 /

Bodies Bodies Bodies is the pick for the cool moms out there. This movie is a little bit scary, a little bit of a psycho thriller, and a lot of funny, but you have to have a very specific mom to enjoy this movie. A lot of moms are going to hate it; I guarantee it!

Bodies Bodies Bodies tells the story of a group of young adults who get stranded at a mansion during a massive storm. Unable to escape, they hunker down to ride out the storm. When the bodies start piling up, the group tries to figure who and what is killing their friends and survive the night.

Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, Myha'la Herrold, Chase Sui Wonders, Rachel Sennott, Lee Pace, and Pete Davidson star in the movie from director Halina Reijn and writer Sarah DeLappe.

I love this movie so much! If you have a cool mom, she's going to love it, too!

The Mother

The Mother. Jennifer Lopez as The Mother in The Mother. Cr. Eric Milner/Netflix © 2023. /

The Mother is the pick for action moms. Jennifer Lopez stars in the Netflix original film about a mother who must rescue her daughter after she is kidnapped.

I don't feel like I need to add more for you to understand how awesome this movie is. It's J-Lo, you know? She's kicking butt and taking names and lives.

Niki Caro directed the film that premiered on Netflix on Mother's Day weekend 2023. If you and your mom like J-Lo and action movies, this is the movie for you!

That's the list of Mother's Day movies to watch on Netflix this year!

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