While you wait for Wednesday season 2, you can watch Jenna Ortega's latest movie on Netflix (but it isn't great)

Netflix added Miller's Girl starring Jenna Ortega on April 25, 2024
Jenna Ortega as Cairo Sweet in Miller’s Girl. Photo Credit: Zac Popik
Jenna Ortega as Cairo Sweet in Miller’s Girl. Photo Credit: Zac Popik /

Jenna Ortega's newest movie is now streaming on Netflix, as of April 25! In its streaming debut, Miller's Girl is rising up the ranks of the Netflix leaderboard, aka the Netflix Top 10.

One week after its release, Miller's Girl settled in behind Anyone But You, The Judge starring Billy Bob Thornton, and -- checks notes -- The Great Wall starring Matt Damon, along with Blended, and Mortal Kombat. (I don't know why, but this is all very funny to me!)

Miller's Girl, sporting a 29% critical rating and 42% audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, is not very good. With that said, if you're a super fan of Ortega and need something to watch while you wait for Wednesday season 2, Miller's Girl isn't the worst thing to watch on Netflix.

Miller's Girl stars Ortega as Cairo Sweet, a senior in high school, who begins seducing the creative writing teacher at her quirky high school, Mr. Jonathan Miller, played by Bilbo Baggins himself, Martin Freeman. Her motivations are a bit suspect. She seduces Mr. Miller, who plays along and is by no means innocent in this debacle, to write a college entrance essay on her "greatest accomplishment." Cool, cool, cool.

Is it the worst movie I've ever seen? No.

Is it controversial? Kind of. Martin Freeman just defended the movie after people freaked out about the age gap between his character and Ortega's character, which is like at least 30 years.

Is it just kind of weird the whole time? Yes, and that's the best way I can describe the movie. I didn't get it.

Saying that, there seems to be quite a few people who are enjoying the movie! And, we know a lot of people are watching the movie based on where it ranks on the Netflix Top 10.

I should warn parents that this movie probably isn't appropriate for kids! It's rated R for a reason, which is for the sexual content, language, and overall vibes. As far as I remember, there aren't any nude scenes, but the film does have it's fair share of intimate scenes.

Even if you choose to watch Miller's Girl, it's not going to hold you over for long. Wednesday season 2 just started filming in the spring of 2024 in England and Ireland. We're in for a long wait for Wednesday season 2.

Netflix confirmed the new season would not be released in 2024. Instead, we'll be waiting into 2025 until the season is released. But, hey, the Wednesday season 2 cast is great! Steve Buscemi and Thandiwe Newton just joined the cast. Well, how do you do, fellow kids?

Ortega has a bunch of other projects in the works! Beetlejuice Beetlejuice is Ortega's next project that will be released. It premieres in theaters on Sept. 5, 2024. Of course, it's also directed by Tim Burton, who directed Wednesday season 1.

Stay tuned for more news about Wednesday season 2! And, enjoy Miller's Girl if you choose to partake in the drama.

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