Matt Rife stays in business with Netflix for two comedy specials and a gym-set series

The controversial comedian is making a splash at Netflix in a big way.

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Love him or hate him, the controversial comedian Matt Rife is staying in business for the long haul, at least with Netflix. After his Netflix stand-up special Natural Selection performed exceedingly well for the streamer (10+ million views in its first two weeks, not to mention reaching the Global Top 10 in 42 countries), and now Deadline is reporting that Rife has signed a new deal with the streaming behemoth.

According to the outlet, Rife has signed on for at least two new specials in addition to a workplace comedy series that he will write and star in. Netflix has been trying to nail down some consistent scripted comedy for a while now, so it's not too surprising that the streaming service has turned to comedians in an attempt to fill out that weak spot in its line-up.

Over the years, Netflix seems to have become a haven for comedians who mess up in the public eye. The streamer has signed lucrative deals with people like Dave Chappelle and, most recently, Shane Gillis, who was previously fired from Saturday Night Live after offensive comments he made resurfaced. Rife's deal is somewhat similar to what Netflix has going on with Gillis, whose self-funded series Tires will release this May on the streaming service.

As for his Netflix specials, the first of his new specials will premiere later this year. Deadline reports that it will be "Netflix's first-ever full-length crowd work special." It will be directed by Rife's friend Erik Griffin and shoot at The Comedy Zone in Charlotte, North Carolina. Rife is set to executive produce alongside his manager Christina Shams.

Rife will also be at The Hollywood Bowl on May 8 as a headliner for the Netflix Is a Joke Festival, marking his first appearance at the annual fest. As for the acting side, Rife has acted in projects before, appearing in several indies and even on popular shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Fresh Off the Boat, and Wild 'n Out.

Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more information on Matt Rife's upcoming series and stand-up specials.

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