Riverdale and Outer Banks stars teaming up for romance film: Get the details!

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It's the Riverdale and Outer Banks crossover we have all been waiting for. Well, a crossover in a sense. Don't expect to see Archie and his pals hanging out with the Pogues in Outer Banks season 4. However, two of the biggest stars from the massively popular teen drama series will join forces for a brand-new romantic drama film adaptation of a best-selling book.

According to The Cinemaholic, Madelyn Cline and KJ Apa are starring in and currently filming the film adaptation of J.P. Monninger's novel The Map That Leads to You. The outlet reported on June 27 that the film directed by Lasse Hallström began filming in Barcelon, Spain on July 8. Cline and Apa were photographed filming on set on Tuesday, July 9 in pictures shared by Film Updates.

The Map That Leads to You, which was released in 2017 and seems to reference the hit Maroon 5 song "Maps," centers on college post-grad Heather Mulgrew, who has a set plan for her future. After her graduation, she plans a trip abroad with her friends with the resolve that she'll return to the states with a job in the fall. However, a chance encounter with an adventurous stranger named Jack changes everything.

The Map That Leads to You movie stars Madelyn Cline and KJ Apa

Cline and Apa will seemingly take on the leading roles as Heather and Jack, and even just from reading the story's synopsis, they couldn't be better suited for these roles. Although Cline has been the female lead of Outer Banks and the center of the show's main couple for four seasons, she hasn't yet led a romantic movie. As for Apa, he's the perfect choice for a handsome adventurer that will sweep a girl off her feet.

KJ Apa to star in The Map That Leads to You with Madelyn Cline
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The movie reunites Apa with Hallström, who directed the Riverdale star in the 2017 drama film A Dog's Purpose. Hallström has also directed such films as What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Something to Talk About, Cider House Rules, Chocolat, Dear John, Safe Haven, and more. The three-time Academy Award nominee knows a thing or two about adapting a romance book for the screen!

Even though The Map That Leads to You has begun filming overseas, additional information hasn't become available as of this writing. It's unclear how long the film shoot will last this summer, and it's also unclear where the movie could be released or stream when it's finished. Obviously, Netflix could and should be first in line to nab the project starring two of its biggest stars.

Next up for Apa, the actor takes on his first post-Riverdale role in the Amazon Prime Video motorcycle racing movie One Fast Move, which premieres on Aug. 8. He also recently signed on to star in the upcoming romantic dramedy film Falling. As for Cline, the fourth season of Outer Banks will be her next project to be released later this year.

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