Lover, Stalker, Killer and 5 Netflix true crime docs that will make you terrified to swipe right

Sometimes staying single is preferable to the type of people brought out by dating apps.
Lover Stalker Killer. Cr: Netflix.
Lover Stalker Killer. Cr: Netflix. /

Have you been considering rejoining the wild world of dating recently? Maybe have your finger hovering the Tinder or Hinge button? Well, watching some of the true crime documentaries on this list might make you reconsider.

With the release of Netflix's unsettling new documentary Lover, Stalker, Killer, we're compiling a list of other Netflix docs that might make you think twice about making a new profile.

Lover, Stalker, Killer

As if dating on the apps isn't scary enough, imagine one of the woman you're dating murdering the other. That's the situation Dave Kroupa was faced with when he matched with two ladies, Liz and Cari, on a dating site and then found himself in a truly twisted love triangle.

Dave's first date went great, but after he started dating the other woman, the first appeared to circle back and start sending him threatening text messages despite both of them agreeing to keep their relationship casual. Things only escalate from there. Lover, Stalker, Killer is the latest true crime doc on Netflix and you don't want to miss it—just be prepared to feel like staying single a while longer after you watch it.

The Tinder Swindler

Conman Simon Leviev is believed to have swindled his many victims out of $100 million overall during his time using Tinder to connect with singles while secretly executing a rather elaborate Ponzi scheme. The British documentary became a massive hit on Netflix, viewed more than 45 million times and it even got nominated for several Primetime Emmy Awards in the nonfiction categories.

As for Simon Leviev, he's actually doing fine nowadays and even signed up for Cameo (because, of course he did) a couple of years ago, charging fans more than $100 for personalized videos. For some reason, people actually paid for them, but then again George Santos also found success on there so apparently people will shell out their cash for just about anything.

My Lover, My Killer

My Lover My Killer is a tragic documentary series about murders that have occurred in relationships gone wrong. The sad truth is that the majority of homicides and sexual assaults happen with people you know or were even intimate with, it's more likely to get killed by your significant other than a random stranger. That's what this docuseries really focuses on. There are two seasons, but currently only season 2 is on Netflix.

American Nightmare

American Nightmare is another recent Netflix release that has generated millions of views since it debuted due to the sensationalist story at its center. The documentary finally gives Denise Huskins a chance to tell her side of the story after she was wrongly smeared by the media and labeled a "real-life Gone Girl" in 2015. In reality, Huskins was telling the truth the whole time and she really was kidnapped and assaulted by a masked assailant who was later sentenced to prison.

The whole case is genuinely tragic and further proof of just how rarely women are believed when they come forward, but to make matters even worse, it ended up being a case of "wrong place, wrong time," as the kidnapper in question had actually been planning to target the woman Huskins' boyfriend was with before her.

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Despite the fact that most of the worst crimes committed happen between people who know each other, there's still something flat-out terrifying about the possibility of crossing paths with a stranger who is secretly a serial killer.

Ted Bundy is the primary manifestation of those fears as he's infamous for being a relatively charming and even good-looking guy that would use his approachability to lure his victims in before violently killing them. Suspected of killing over 36 people, Bundy was genuinely a menace and watching this documentary series, which features actual interview outtakes and archival footage of the man, will make it hard to sleep tonight.

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