Love, Divided cast: Who stars in the Spanish romantic comedy?

Find out who stars in the recently released Spanish romantic comedy Love, Divided (2024), directed by Patricia Font!
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April isn't even halfway done yet, and Netflix viewers have already been treated to several new additions of excellent films and TV shows! One new addition that has caught our attention is the Patricia Font-directed Spanish romantic comedy, Love, Divided (Pared con pared).

Written by Marta Sánchez, the film is a remake of the 2015 French film Blind Date, originally titled Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglément, based on an original story by Lilou Fogli. The movie follows neighbors Valentina and David who lead completely different lifestyles with only a thin wall separating their apartments. The official synopsis, as per Netflix's Media Center, reads:

"She’s a young pianist preparing for an audition. He is a games inventor who can only concentrate in complete silence. Separated by only a paper-thin wall in conjoined apartments, will they learn to live in harmony with one another? Will romance blossom through the wall?"

Netflix's Media Center

Released on Netflix on April 12, the film has quickly climbed up the Netflix charts! Love, Divided has already garnered attention for its charming storyline and engaging performances. For those who enjoyed the film, or are just curious and want to learn more about the cast, you're in the right place! Join us as we dive into the full cast list and more below!

Who is the cast of Love, Divided?

As mentioned, the film revolves around Valentina and David, portrayed by Aitana and Fernando Guallar respectively. Let's learn more about the actors who brought these enemies to lovers to life!

Aitana as Valentina

Aitana Ocaña Morales, better known as Aitana, is a 24-year-old Spanish singer and songwriter. She first gained recognition in 2017 when she placed as the runner-up on the revival season of the Spanish reality TV talent competition Operación Triunfo.

In addition to her music career, Aitana has also ventured into acting, she previously starred in the Disney+ original series La Última in 2022.

With a net worth estimated at $3 million, Aitana is considered one of the most successful and influential young artists in the Spanish entertainment industry. Check out one of her official music videos below:

Fernando Guallar

Born on March 7, 1989, in Córdoba, Spain, Fernando Guallar is a 34-year-old Spanish actor and model. He is known for his roles in several Spanish television series and films, including My Heart Goes Boom! (2020), Postcards (2016), and La ternura (2023).

In addition to his acting work, Guallar has also modeled for various brands and publications!

With a growing filmography and fanbase, Fernando Guallar is considered one of the rising stars in the Spanish film industry.

Love, Divided full cast

Fernando Guallar
"Pared Con Pared" Photocall In Madrid / Borja B. Hojas/GettyImages

Love, Divided features an exceptional cast of talented Spanish actors who bring their unique charm to the screen. While the film primarily centers around Valentina and David, there are several other characters who enrich the storyline with their performances. According to IMDb, the full cast list includes:

  • Aitana as Valentina
  • Fernando Guallar as David
  • Natalia Rodríguez as Carmen
  • Paco Tous as Sebas
  • Adam Jezierski as Nacho
  • Miguel Ángel Muñoz as Óscar
  • Àlex Maruny as Sergio
  • Maite Sandoval as Mujer Tribunal
  • Rocío Marín as Regidora
  • Manu Imizcoz as Chico Agencia
  • Eduardo Ferrés as Operario Mudanza
  • Macarena de Rueda as Maite
  • Joan Sentís as Gonzalo
  • Mario Santos as Dani
  • Nacho Marraco as Vecino
  • Carlos Cañas as Conserje"

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