Love Derry Girls? The creator's new series about three friends is coming to Netflix!

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We have great news to share Netflix Lifers! Lisa McGee, the creator of the British teen series Derry Girls, has a new series in the works at Netflix. It's called How to Get to Heaven From Belfast, and we've shared everything we know so far about it below.

How to Get to Heaven From Belfast was first announced back in August 2023. It was revealed that McGee had set her next series at Channel 4, with that show being How to Get to Heaven From Belfast. But in a surprise move, it has been moved to Netflix. According to Variety, the reason for the show's move was that Channel 4 didn't like the changes in editorial direction or the rising costs to make it.

Here's what a Channel 4 spokesperson had to say about the show's move to Netflix via Variety:

"We loved Lisa McGee’s ‘How to Get to Heaven From Belfast’ and offered a substantial license fee to be its U.K. home. Unfortunately due to changes in editorial direction as the development process progressed, coupled with rising costs and the recent cooling in the U.S. co-production market, it became impossible to get the right international partner and funding plan in place. We wish Lisa and Hat Trick Productions all the best and look forward to working together on future projects."

How to Get to Heaven From Belfast is an upcoming comedy thriller series that will consist of eight episodes. Hat Trick Productions is signed on to produce, and Michael Lennox will direct. In addition, McGee, Lennox, Caroline Leddy, Liz Lewin, and Jimmy Mulville are executive producers.

The show follows a small group of longtime friends Saoirse, Robyn, and Dara. They've been close since they were in school, and now in their late 30s, they're still as close as ever. Saoirse is described as a successful TV writer, while Robyn is an overly stressed mother of three boys. Then, we have Dara, who is the most dependable out of the three. She is a full-time caregiver of an elderly parent.

When the close-knit friend group receives an email informing them of the death of Greta, an old classmate and estranged friend, they decide to attend her wake. But it's at her wake that a series of strange events begin to occur, and Saoirse, Robyn, and Dara soon find themselves entangled in a dark and twisted mystery.

Unfortunately, there aren't any casting details at the moment, nor is there an official production schedule. However, we do know that production is slated to start in Northern Ireland later this year. Once more information about this upcoming Netflix show is released, we'll be sure to update this space. So, stay tuned to Netflix Life!

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