Leo Woodall age, height, Instagram, relationship status, and everything about the One Day star

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When you tune into the new Netflix original limited series One Day, you'll be taken by many things: The story, the chemistry between the two central characters, and more than likely, leading man Leo Woodall.

The actor stars alongside Ambika Mod in One Day as the Dexter Mayhew to her Emma Morley. In the 14-episode romantic drama series, Emma and Dexter meet in 1988 and have an instant connection. From there, the series spans many years of their lives while focusing on one particular day.

Throughout the sweeping and complicated love story, Woodall will tug on your heartstrings and make you swoon with his absolutely mesmerizing performance. Seriously, he's deserving of an Emmy Award nomination and should get one!

But before we get ahead of ourselves with an Emmy campaign, let's get to know him first. Here's everything to know about the rising star.

Leo Woodall
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Leo Woodall age and height

Woodall was born on Sept. 14, 1996 in Hammersmith, London, England, making the talented actor 27 years old as of One Day's release in February 2024. With his Sept. 14 birthdate, Woodall has Virgo as his zodiac sign. According to Celebrity Heights, Woodall stands at about 5 feet 11 inches and a half, nearly making the actor 6 feet tall. Other sites have reported that he's either 6 feet even or 6 feet 1 inch tall. Nevertheless, Woodall's pretty tall either way!

The actor has over 150K Instagram followers

Since breaking out in the second season of The White Lotus, Leo Woodall's social media following has grown. Prior to the release of One Day on Netflix, the actor had 149K followers on Instagram, but on just the day of the limited series' release, his follower count shot up to 151K and counting. There's no doubt that even more new fans will start following the handsome star as his career continues to take off.

Woodall mostly posts promotional photos on his Instagram, whether they're shots from his most recent project, red carpet photos from premieres and events, or stunning pictures from photoshoots. Woodall celebrated his "jolly ol' time at the Emmys" with a carousel of photos from January 2024 event, including a candid shot of him with girlfriend Meghann Fahy and The White Lotus costar Jon Gries. Check out the post below!

He studied acting and graduated from ArtsEd

Although Woodall has had immense success in his acting career, he didn't originally see himself becoming an actor. Supposedly, he considered pursuing sports or stunt work before Peaky Blinders inspired him to step in front of the camera as an actor.

He put in the work to study acting and graduated from ArtsEd, also known as the Arts Educational School, in London in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts. It didn't take long for Woodall to book his first role after graduating, as his first professional credits began in the same year.

He has been dating Meghann Fahy since 2022

Leo Woodall, Meghann Fahy
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Since Leo Woodall plays the romantic lead in One Day, a lot of viewers will be curious about his relationship status in real life. Sorry, everyone, but he's taken. Woodall is in a relationship with Meghann Fahy, who he worked with in The White Lotus.

Elle dates their relationship back to February 2022 when production began on The White Lotus season 2, though her first "like" on his Instagram dates back to January 2021. (However, he doesn't post much, so the likes could have come after they met. You know how social media works these days!) They were first linked together in September 2022 when Woodall shared photos of Polaroid pictures with his and Fahy's picture in the first slide.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live! in January 2023, Fahy shot down romance rumors while also teasing them, and the couple was later photographed together at an event that July. By that November, they had officially gone public as a couple after being spotted kissing in New York City. They later attended the Emmy Awards together in January 2024, where both the show and Fahy were nominated.

What movies and shows has Leo Woodall been in?

As previously mentioned, Woodall started picking up acting credits right after graduating with his degree in acting. He landed a role in the short film Man Down as well as a guest star role in the medical drama series Holby City. He starred in the Tom Holland film Cherry, though a lot of his scenes wound up cut. But we was later featured in the Russo Brothers' Amazon Prime series Citadel after working on their film. Of course, he broke out in The White Lotus, now stars in Netflix's One Day, and has a trio of projects in the works. Check out his film and television credits below!

  • Man Down (2019) as Lei
  • Holby City (2019) as Jake Reader
  • Cherry (2021) as Rodgers
  • Vampire Academy (2022) as Adrian Ivashkov
  • The White Lotus (2022) as Jack
  • Citadel (2023) as Duke
  • One Day (2024) as Dexter Mayhew
  • Nomad (TBA) as Ben
  • A Waiter in Paris (TBA)
  • Nuremberg (TBA) as Sgt. Howie Triest

Leo Woodall fun facts:

  • He and Ambika Mod are both fans of The Lord of the Rings movies and bonded over their shared interest while filming One Day. They also bonded over Game of Thrones.
  • Mod revealed that School of Rock is one of Woodall's favorite movies and he sang the songs and knew all of Jack Black's quotes while filming their Arthur's Seat scene.
  • He can play the Interstellar theme music on the piano as well as La La Land.
  • Dear Evan Hansen and Wicked are two of his favorite musicals.
  • He revealed that he cried during The Rugrats Movie.
  • On his acting bucket list, he wants to make a sports movie, likely football (soccer for Americans), and later play a coach as he's inspired by Coach Carter. He also said he would like to work with Martin McDonagh, Greta Gerwig, and Christopher Nolan.

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