Leanne Morgan lands Netflix comedy series from Chuck Lorre (plus, two more specials!)

Two stand-up specials and a multi-cam sitcom with Chuck Lorre coming right up!
Leanne Morgan via Netflix (Joseph Llanes)
Leanne Morgan via Netflix (Joseph Llanes) /

Netflix is staying put in the Leanne Morgan business. Over one year after her debut Netflix stand-up comedy special I'm Every Woman premiered and hit the top 10, the comedian will be back on the streaming service in a big way. On April 15, 2024, Netflix announced that it's partnered with Morgan for two more comedy specials and a multi-cam sitcom.

The pair of comedy specials come on the heels of Morgan's blockbuster 2023 debut on Netflix, which saw the 58-year-old rising comedy star rise even further. On top of working with Reese Witherspoon and Will Ferrell for their upcoming movie You're Cordially Invited and publishing her memoir What in the World?! later this year, she now extends her relationship with Netflix and makes her TV acting debut.

And for her first television series, Leanne Morgan has wonderful company. Chuck Lorre, the co-creator and mastermind of such sitcom hits as The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men, also co-creates and executive produces Morgan's as-of-yet untitled sitcom under his company's pact with Warner Bros. Television. With a universal premise and an indelible sense of humor, it's sure to be the next hit Netflix series.

Leanne Morgan sitcom from Chuck Lorre coming to Netflix

Netflix has ordered 16 episodes of Morgan's upcoming multi-cam sitcom, which likely means a split release will be in the cards, though that hasn't been confirmed just yet. In the series, Morgan will play a wife and grandmother whose husband of over three decades abruptly leaves her for another woman. She then must pick up and start fresh. As Netflix teases, "with the help of her family, she will navigate this new chapter with grace, dignity and jello salad."

Along with the announcement for the series and her forthcoming pair of specials, Morgan released statement about making a sitcom being her dream realized. Here's the inspiring and exciting quote from the budding Netflix star:

"I’ve dreamed of this since childhood, and I can’t believe it has come true! When I started comedy 25 years ago, my goal was to be a part of a sitcom. It just goes to show you it’s never too late, and dreams do come true. I’m a grandmama from Tennessee, and now I have a TV show with Chuck Lorre and Netflix. What in the world!?"

Leanne Morgan

Lorre himself is no stranger to collaborating with Netflix, having co-created the short-lived Kathy Bates sitcom Disjointed and created the Emmy Award-nominated comedy-drama series The Kominsky Method, which ran for three seasons. All of his small screen creations, mostly collaborations with CBS via Warner Bros. Television, have come to end, though he's working on the second season of Max's Bookie and Morgan's upcoming sitcom debut.

The prolific sitcom producer shared a quote about working with Morgan:

"If you've seen even ten seconds of Leanne Morgan's stand up then you know what a unique comedic force she is. The theme of starting over is universal, and I cannot think of anyone better to combine heart and comedy than Leanne. I knew I had to work with her, and I'm so excited to bring this story to Netflix."

Chuck Lorre

Considering Netflix's best and currently most popular sitcom is The Upshaws, about a normal yet dysfunctional family, Netflix seems to be heading in the right direction when it comes to building up its struggling original comedy slate. We can't wait to add Leanne Morgan's show to our watch list when it's released (likely sometime in 2025 at this point). Get a taste of Morgan's comedy in the clip from her Netflix comedy special in the video below!

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