Jurassic World: Chaos Theory continues the Camp Cretaceous adventure: Everything to know

A new 3D-CG series in the Jurassic World universe is coming to Netflix on May 24.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory. Cr: Netflix.
Jurassic World: Chaos Theory. Cr: Netflix. /

The highly-anticipated continuation of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous is coming soon to Netflix and will catch the animated show up with the main live-action universe, which left off with the 2022 film Jurassic World: Dominion. A fourth Jurassic World movie is currently in the works, with Gareth Edwards set to direct. Before that, fans can anticipate Jurassic World: Chaos Theory on May 24, 2024.

Set six years after Camp Cretaceous, Chaos Theory follows the "Nublar Six" as they navigate a world crawling with dinosaurs, i.e. taking place after the end of Fallen Kingdom where the primitive creatures are left free to roam the mainland. Expect to see the return of familiar faces like Darius and Ben, voiced by Paul-Mikel Williams and Sean Giambrone. Scott Kreamer and Aaron Hammersley are also back to helm the series, serving as executive producers and showrunners.

In a way, Chaos Theory seems like it will function as a prequel to Dominion, as the 10-episode season will lead us up to the events that kicked off the 2022 film.

What is Jurassic World: Chaos Theory about?

Netflix shared the first teaser for the animated series. It opens with a media report highlighting the group of teens dubbed the "Nublar Six," survivors of the Jurassic World incident (from the first film that starred Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard). The six teens at the center of the previous series were mistakenly left behind on the island of Isla Nubar and presumed dead for over a year.

Picking up six years later, Chaos Theory is set in a dangerous world where dinosaurs are running rampant across the United States and apparently someone is hunting down the Nublar Six. Ben shows up to warn Darius and the two embark on a new adventure to warn the others.

"Set six years after the events at Camp Cretaceous, members of “The Nublar Six” are struggling to find their footing off the islands, navigating a world now filled with dinosaurs and people who want to hurt them. Reunited in the wake of a tragedy, the group comes together only to find themselves on the run and catapulted into a global adventure to unravel a conspiracy that threatens dinosaur and humankind alike and finally learn the truth about what happened to one of their own."


Apart from Paul-Mikel Williams and Sean Giambrone, no other cast or characters have been confirmed.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory. Cr: Netflix. /

Scott Kreamer describes Chaos Theory as a 'conspiracy thriller'

For those hoping the animated universe might get a little darker in tone, it sounds like Chaos Theory might be right up your alley. While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, co-showrunner Scott Kreamer described the new series as a "conspiracy thriller."

"This is a conspiracy thriller. The kids are unraveling this mystery, and just when they think they've got it figured out, maybe there's a bigger story to be told. These two guys have to figure out what the heck's going on before it's too late."

Conceiving the idea for the show during the end of Camp Cretaceous, Kreamer said he wanted to create something with a more "sophisticated" story, giving the tone of the end of the Harry Potter franchise as an example.

Jurassic Park: Chaos Theory begins streaming on May 24, 2024. Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more information on the show.

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