There's one familiar voice you won't hear in Jurassic World: Chaos Theory

Is a cast member missing from Jurassic World: Chaos Theory? Find out who won't be reprising their character in the new prehistoric animated series!
Jurassic World: Chaos Theory. Cr: Netflix.
Jurassic World: Chaos Theory. Cr: Netflix. /

The highly anticipated follow-up series to Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous is nearing its debut on Netflix, promising another thrilling prehistoric adventure! As fans eagerly await the release of Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, one question looms large: is someone missing from the main cast?

In the wake of the official trailer drop, aficionados of the prehistoric franchise might notice a suspicious absence in the lineup. But luckily we're here to fill you in on everything you may have missed!

For those new to the fold, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous introduced audiences to a band of brave teenagers navigating the perils of Isla Nublar alongside its prehistoric inhabitants. Now, as Chaos Theory takes us six years into the future, the stakes are higher, the dangers more imminent, and the mysteries even more compelling.

Scheduled to hit screens on May 24, 2024, this new chapter promises an exhilarating journey as "The Nublar Six" grapples with the aftermath of past traumas while embarking on a globe-trotting quest for truth and ... survival. The official synopsis, as per Netflix Media Center reads: 

"Set six years after the events at Camp Cretaceous, members of 'The Nublar Six' are struggling to find their footing off the islands, navigating a world now filled with dinosaurs and people who want to hurt them. Reunited in the wake of a tragedy, the group comes together only to find themselves on the run and catapulted into a global adventure to unravel a conspiracy that threatens dinosaur and humankind alike and finally learn the truth about what happened to one of their own."

Netflix Media Center

Join us as we delve into the full cast list, and uncover the identity of who hasn't returned to the cast, below!

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous - Photo Credits: Netflix
Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous - Photo Credits: Netflix /

Who stars in Jurassic World: Chaos Theory?

Curious about the voices behind the characters in the new show? Well, wonder no more! The PG-rated animated series boasts a talented ensemble cast bringing the characters to life. Courtesy of IMDb, here's who you can expect to hear:

  • Paul-Mikél Williams as Darius Bowman
  • Darren Barnet as Kenju Kon
  • Sean Giambrone as Ben Pincus
  • Raini Rodriguez as Sammy Gutierrez
  • Kausar Mohammed as Yasmina 'Yaz' Fadoula
  • Plus, keep an ear out for Peter Arpesella lending his voice as the Italian Soccer Announcer.

Who's missing from the cast list?

If you're a devoted fan of the original series, you'll quickly notice the absence of Brooklynn, voiced by the immensely talented Jenna Ortega, who you'll likely recognize from her starring role in Netflix's hit gothic fantasy mystery series, Wednesday.

According to Deadline, it seems that Brooklynn has met her demise in a tragic dinosaur encounter, marking the end of her journey. Unfortunately for fans, Ortega won't be returning to reprise her role, unless through the magic of flashback sequences utilizing archival recordings or footage.

Jenna Ortega
75th Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals / Neilson Barnard/GettyImages

With Ortega being a high-demand actress, with a fully packed schedule of commitments, it's likely that her busy schedule prevented her from returning to the series, ultimately shaping the new direction of the show without her iconic character.

While Brooklynn's departure may leave a void for fans, the show's evolution promises fresh adventures and surprises as it forges ahead without her presence.

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