Joseph Quinn plays coy about possible Stranger Things season 5 appearance

Paramount's "A Quiet Place: Day One" New York Premiere
Paramount's "A Quiet Place: Day One" New York Premiere / Theo Wargo/GettyImages

Ever since season 4 came to an end back in July 2022, Stranger Things fans have been mourning the lovable and heroic breakout character Eddie Munson. Taking on the role of the Hellfire Club leader launched Joseph Quinn as a full-fledged star, who's now appearing in major franchise films. But that hasn't stopped murmurs of the in-demand actor returning for season 5.

Entertainment Tonight reporter Rachel Smith caught up with Quinn at the premiere of his film A Quiet Place: Day One and questioned the star about the possibility of a triumphant return for Eddie in the upcoming final season of Stranger Things. She said, "I have a feeling that we might see Eddie once again." In response, Quinn played along and offered up a tease.

"Do you? You have a feeling? Huh... I might have that feeling, too... or maybe I don't. Who knows? I don't know. Who knows? Maybe I do."

Joseph Quinn

There haven't been any confirmed reports that Quinn will be returning for an appearance in Stranger Things season 5, but there have been rumors and chatter of varied origin. In all honesty, talk of Eddie coming back in some form in the final season seems like wishful thinking among fans, though you can really never say never when it comes to the surprises the Duffer Brothers have in store.

Quinn's cagey answer about having a "feeling" could just be the actor continuing to troll fans and keep the hope alive. Filming on season 5 began in January 2024, during which time, Quinn worked on both Gladiator II and Warfare. He's also soon starting up his role as Johnny Storm in the upcoming new Fantastic Four movie. But... there's still a chance he snuck onto the ST5 set for a cameo.

Prior to ET's Smith poking Quinn about his potential return onscreen as Eddie, she asked the actor about the chances he would "pop down, say hey to the crew, spend some time together, check in on them." Again, Quinn played along and showed his love for the Stranger Things cast and crew and shared his excitement for their hard work going into "landing the plane."

"The chances are high. I love those guys. I'd love to come and say hello. I'm sure they're working very hard to land the plane. It's been a long time they've been working on that, so I'm really delighted that they're kind of getting towards the end and they're having a nice time. I'm sure they're gonna deliver it in a pretty epic finale, I have no doubt."

Joseph Quinn

We'll have to wait and see if those chances of Quinn actually making his way down to the Atlanta set of season 5 to say "hey" come to fruition and if Eddie ends up making some sort of cameo appearance in the final season when it premieres in 2025. He's asked about returning a lot, so it's definitely one of the most pressing questions fans have going into the final episodes.

Watch Joseph Quinn's full interview with Entertainment Tonight in the video below!

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