John Mulaney open to making more Everybody's in LA long as everybody's actually in LA or whichever city the show travels to.
John Mulaney at John Mulaney Presents: Everybody’s in LA for the Netflix is a Joke Festival at The Sunset Gower Studios on May 10, 2024 in Los Angeles, CA. Cr. Adam Rose/Netflix © 2024
John Mulaney at John Mulaney Presents: Everybody’s in LA for the Netflix is a Joke Festival at The Sunset Gower Studios on May 10, 2024 in Los Angeles, CA. Cr. Adam Rose/Netflix © 2024 /

In tandem with the Netflix Is A Joke Festival in May 2024, comedian John Mulaney created and hosted the six-night live talk show Everybody's in LA. The series featured guests such as Jerry Seinfeld, Will Ferrell, Andy Samberg, Nikki Glaser, and more comics in town for the Netflix comedy festival. And while it was intended to be a one-off, the series was a big hit.

The show earned multiple positive reviews from critics and was a staple in Netflix's top 10 most popular shows for its weeklong run. Because of its success and acclaim, Everybody's in LA will compete for the Primetime Emmys in the talk show race against late night hosts such as Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, and Stephen Colbert rather than competing in the variety show category.

If there's one thing Netflix loves, it's a hit. And if there's one thing an audience loves, it's more of a show that they enjoy watching. Naturally, questions arose about whether the success of Everybody's in LA would lead to a second season or a more formal run in the future. Given the event nature of the show, with its connection to the annual festival, it's a real question.

On an episode of Variety's Awards Circuit Podcast, Mulaney fielded questions about the possibility of Everybody's in LA season 2. The host wonder if Netflix traveled the Netflix Is A Joke Festival to other cities, like Chicago, if he'd be willing to host the show again. The host had some very reasonable questions about the logistics, but he didn't deny the possibility.

Here's what he told the podcast hosts:

"Would everyone be there? Because I don't want to lie. Would everyone be there? Because I wouldn't just go to a city where there's not everybody and go, 'Everybody's here, don't worry.' Last December, I didn't know I would create and host a show called Everybody's in LA, so I'm quite open to anything."

John Mulaney via Variety

Clearly, he doesn't want to lie to the audience with the title of the show if the lineup for the potential festival outside of Los Angeles doesn't include everybody. That makes sense! Mulaney also spoke to IndieWire about how he feels about making more of the show. Again, he didn't shut down the possibility, but he seems to be leaving the future up to fate and what feels right in the moment.

He told the website he's "not sure," but the show "was so fun":

"I’m really not sure. I used to have strong opinions: ‘I’ll only do this’ or ‘I’ll never do this.’ And ‘I don’t want to get pigeonholed like this.’ And I think both I and the entire entertainment business has changed so much. I mean, there are people who one hundred percent host a game show every week and we have no idea — except for the millions of people watching them. I’m very now into instinct and what’s happening in the moment. And that’s how this show came together. I really don’t have some strong principled take on doing it again. It was so fun, you know?"

John Mulaney via IndieWire

Unless he's being cagey, it doesn't seem as though there have been any conversations to bring Everybody's in LA back for a second season that's not connected to the Netflix Is A Joke Festival just yet, though it's a safe bet that conversations could heat up down the line. Whether it's another weeklong live-event hosted by Mulaney or another series entirely, there's something here that might just be lightning in a bottle. An Emmy nomination and/or win could be the thing to tip the scales.

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