Nikki Glaser won the Tom Brady roast: Where to watch more of her comedy

Roasts don't declare winners, but Nikki Glaser definitely won Tom Brady's.
Netflix Is A Joke Festival: G.R.O.A.T The Greatest Roast Of All Time - Tom Brady
Netflix Is A Joke Festival: G.R.O.A.T The Greatest Roast Of All Time - Tom Brady / Matt Winkelmeyer/GettyImages

If you're not new to the various comedy roasts that have aired on Comedy Central over the years, then you know that when Nikki Glaser gets an invite, she's going to absolutely decimate everyone on that stage. And that's exactly what happened during Netflix's live roast of Tom Brady on May 5. Glaser went no-holds-barred and earned some of biggest laughs (and shocks!) of the night.

Most of Glaser's jokes (beginning 40 minutes into the 3 hour special — you're welcome) are way too NSFW to reprint, but she did not hold back when poking fun at Kevin Hart's height (which he took in stride), Jeff Ross' weight loss, Rob Gronkowski's intelligence, and everything relating to Tom Brady's personal life. She dropped some pretty sick burns at Brady's expense about his breakups with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan and ex-wife Gisele Bündchen. Ouch.

However, as mentioned, Glaser isn't new to the roasting game — she's true to it. For nearly 10 years, Glaser has been a central figure at celebrity roasts and has had the honoring of also winning the roasts of Rob Lowe, Bruce Willis, and Alec Baldwin, the latter being probably her most brutal roasting to this day. Check out her highlights from those three past roasts below!

The talented stand-up comedian has also been a regular on television for the about the same time as her roasting career, appearing on shows like @midnight, Match Game, Dancing with the Stars, The Masked Singer, and even Selling Sunset. She's also hosted her own show, Not Safe with Nikki Glaser, and the shows FBOY Island, Blind Date, and Lovers and Liars. Along with touring her comedy, Glaser hosts her hit podcast, The Nikki Glaser Podcast, too.

Nikki Glaser has a Netflix comedy special

But where else can you watch the roast champion's comedy specials? A little bit of everywhere, as it turns out! If you loved her set during the Tom Brady roast and want to check out more of her on Netflix, you can watch her 2019 special Bangin' on the streamer. In the special, Glaser puts her NSFW sense of humor on full display to talk sex, insecurities, and so much more.

Glaser's first special, Perfect, can be watched on Paramount+ with a subscription or for free on YouTube on the Comedy Central Stand-Up channel. The two most recently specials under her belt, 2022's Good Clean Filth and 2024's Someday You'll Die, are both HBO originals and stream on Max. Someday You'll Die makes its premiere on May 11.

  • Nikki Glaser's Perfect (2016)
  • Nikki Glaser: Bangin' (2019)
  • Nikki Glaser: Good Clean Filth (2022)
  • Nikki Glaser: Someday You'll Die (2024)

Unless you're not into raunchy comedy and sex jokes, then you will never have a bad time watching a Nikki Glaser special. Here's to hoping that after her incredible appearance at the Tom Brady roast, Netflix will soon have her back for another special, series of some sort, and even another roast. Who's next on the chopping block? Whoever it may be, she'll be ready.

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