The Stranger is Netflix’s next great mystery series

Photo: The Stranger.. Image Courtesy Netflix
Photo: The Stranger.. Image Courtesy Netflix /

The Netflix original series The Stranger, based on a book by Harlan Coben, is now on Netflix, and it’s must-watch for all mystery and thriller fans.

Netflix’s The Stranger is a series that would spark fear into any person. Everything is going well in your life, and then out of the blue, a stranger tells you that your entire life is a lie.

The Netflix original series is now available to stream on Netflix, as of Thursday, Jan. 30. If you like mysteries and eerie stories, then this is the series for you.

Imagine you’re sitting at a bar drinking your beer after a fun game of football. Your life is perfect. You are happily married with two beautiful children, a job you love, and a home you earned.

Then, a stranger suddenly slides into the seat next to you. They tell you that your life has all been a lie. You’re shocked, of course, and your initial reaction is anger. Anger at the audacity of this unwelcome visitor approaching you and spreading these untruths.

Yet, the stranger tells you about specific events that they couldn’t possibly know. The doubt begins to eat away at your mind. This person is wrong. They are giving you false information, but why? What is their motive? What could be their reason for these fabrications?

Suspicion begins to nibble away at what you thought you knew. Your partner couldn’t have possibly done the horrible thing the stranger says they did. So, you research the information not because you believe what you were told, but to prove that the stranger was wrong. Except, everything the stranger told you is true.

What do you do? Do you confront your partner and tell them what the stranger said? This is possibly the worst-case scenario for a lot of people, and it is exactly the situation Adam Price (Richard Armitage) finds himself in during The Stranger. In the series, Price’s world as he knew it has been flipped upside down all because of something the stranger, played by Hannah John-Kamen, had told him.

At first, it seems pretty cut and dry. This mystery woman obviously wants something from Adam. On the surface, she doesn’t seem to want anything, but now what is Adam going to do? His wife lied to him, and now he has a hard time trusting anything she says.

To make this even more interesting there seems to be a back story going on at the same time the drama about his wife is going on. This second story is just as fascinating and mysterious as the drama concerning his wife and it seems to involve his son, Thomas (Jacob Dudman), as well. How are they connected?

The series is captivating and intriguing raising more questions as quickly as the questions are answered. If you are looking for a show that will keep you spellbound to the very end, then this is a must-watch for you.

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