Griselda star Orlando Pineda talks working with Sofia Vergara and more

Netflix Life spoke with Griselda actor Orlando Pineda, who plays Griselda's son Dixon in the limited series.

Orlando Pineda - Cr: Amanda Ramon
Orlando Pineda - Cr: Amanda Ramon /

Griselda is the number one new show on Netflix and we had the chance to chat with one of the series' stars! Orlando Pineda is and up-and-coming Colombian actor who plays one of Sofia Vergara's on-screen sons in the series, specifically Dixon, the intelligent but rebellious middle child out of Griselda's three sons.

Griselda marks the actors first big series regular role, but he has also appeared in projects like Narcos: Mexico, The Infiltrators, and Your Iron Lady. We spoke with Orlando about what it was like to work alongside Sofia Vergara, who stars as Griselda Blanco in the series, how he created his bond with his on-screen brothers, and more!

Netflix Life: What was it like working with Sofia, I saw on your Instagram, it looked like you guys hung out after filming, like going to the Karol G concert and things like that. It seems like you all really bonded on set.

Orlando Pineda: Absolutely. Sofia is such a warm, humble person. Every time we text her, she responds, which is insane, having that contact on your phone. She's very charismatic. From day one, we just clicked. Also the fact that we're both Colombian made it easier, but also with my brothers and her behaving as a mother figure. It was just very easy.

Netflix Life: How did you and your on-screen siblings cultivate the your relationship? You guys had great chemistry together in your scenes.

Orlando: We're so similar, and at the same time so different, we're actually like brothers. We met each other and we started talking for like ten minutes and I was like, I hate you guys and I love you. It's weird. We kept telling the executive producers they did an amazing job. We felt like brothers, we felt like we were actually siblings, which was crazy. So, it wasn't that hard to turn the switch on and off when we were on camera and off camera.

Griselda. (L to R) Jose Velazquez as Uber, Orlando Pineda as Dixon, Martin Fajardo as Ozzy in episode 102 of Griselda. Cr. Elizabeth Morris/Netflix © 2023 /

Netflix Life: For you to play someone loosely inspired by her real life son, did you do any research ahead of time or go just focus on a fictional approach?

Orlando: There was a lot of creative liberty in that sense because there is not a lot of information on how they were as people. There's a lot of information on what they did and obviously what Griselda did. But we just based it on like the stereotype of the regular family and the regular kids, let's put it that way, if that makes sense.

I'm the first one, the troublemaker, the guinea pig with the parents, you know, he is the most similar to Griselda. Therefore they clash a lot. And for me, building that character was more like finding the reasoning for what he did, or what he what he wanted to achieve. And then the rebellious, free spirit part just came very easily. I just remember when I was a teenager and that just flowed.

Netflix Life: Your character does actually use cocaine a few times on-screen, behind-the-scenes, what were they using to make it?

Orlando: It was pulverized lactose. And if you're allergic to lactose, they had vitamin C. They had also, I think it was a, like a pulverized peanut, everything was pulverized something, but they had so many options in case you were allergic to something or you have any dietary restriction or whatever. And it is fake, but you kept blowing your nose for the next like five days and it was white and you're like, oh my God, this is horrible.

Orlando Pineda - Cr: Amanda Ramon /

Netflix Life: Is there anything that you're just really excited for people to see when they watch the show, or that you think will maybe surprise them?

Orlando: I think a lot of things will surprise them, but I am very excited for them to see the arc of every single one of the characters because there's so much talent in the show. There's so many dedicated, talented, creative people and me watching the show, I was shocked. I read the script and everything but the personal take that everyone gave their characters, and the story was mind blowing. I know people are gonna be shocked by that and, and they're gonna love it.

All six episodes of Griselda are now streaming on Netflix. Add the series to your watchlist here.

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