Best Drama Movies on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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If you need a good movie to watch, check out the 50 best drama movies streaming on Netflix right now.

Netflix has a ton of great movies to watch, but the best movies on Netflix come from the drama genre. Therefore we had to rank the 50 best drama movies onNetflix right now, so you can target your search the next time you want to sit on the couch and unwind with a great movie.

Furthermore, there isn’t a category more subjective than the Netflix drama category, and that is where this article steps in. If you take a look at the movies under the drama category you are bound to find more than you’ll know what to do with. This list, in its entirety, should provide you with the best of the best under the drama category. It is important, however, to establish what exactly separates these 50 movies from the rest, and to establish criteria for these selections:

  • “Watchability”: One’s ability to enjoy the movie despite prior movie predispositions about other films in its genre. Aka, would you enjoy it no matter what?
  • Memorability: Is it a movie that stood the test of time relatively well?
  • Rewatch Factor: The likelihood you would watch the film again.

Let’s begin the countdown of the 50 best drama movies on Netflix right now and after you’re done, leave your comments with your favorite.