Here's everything we know so far about a potential Super Mario Bros. Movie sequel

After breaking the bank at the box office, stars and fans alike are eager for another Super Mario Bros. movie.
The Super Mario Bros. Movie, image courtesy 2022 Nintendo and Universal Studios
The Super Mario Bros. Movie, image courtesy 2022 Nintendo and Universal Studios /

The Super Mario Bros. Movie was not only one of the biggest movies of 2023, but actually became one of the biggest animated movies of all time, grossing more than $1.36 billion at the box office. Given those numbers and the ongoing popularity of Mario and the many beloved characters featured in the franchise, the hype surrounding a sequel or spinoff films is sky high.

As of January 2024, Univeral and Illumination have not yet officially greenlit a sequel, but the odds of one happening (or at least spinoff films) is like... 99.9% for sure. There's no way the studios are going to let this cash cow slip through their fingers. The only reason we don't have concrete news yet is due to the writers strike, but hopefully Universal will let us know their plans in the near future.

Back during the midst of the WGA strike, star Chris Pratt, who voices the titular character Mario, told Entertainment Tonight he expected sequel news to come "soon," but added that he supported the writers and they would start moving forward when they felt comfortable. He did say he was very thankful to fans and the support they've shown to the movie, too.

"When the negotiations have been completed, and the writers feel comfortable moving forward, then it'll be time to start talking about what's next for that," Pratt shared.

That was in June of last year and both the SAG and WGA strikes came to an end during the final months of 2023, so things are slowly getting back underway now that the holidays are over.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie, image courtesy 2022 Nintendo and Universal Studios /

Several stars expressed interest in sequels or spinoff movies

Even though Universal/Illumination haven't confirmed anything officially yet, several of the cast members have voiced their hopes for the future of the franchise. Most recently, Jack Black, who has been on the awards circuit for the film's song "Peaches" told Variety its been "radio silence" but he's "chomping at the bit" to start working on a sequel.

“It has been radio silence. The only chatter has been coming from me, and I don’t even know if I’m allowed to chatter. I’ve been chomping at the bit to get back to business.”

And Black isn't the only star who wants to get back to work. Anya Taylor-Joy, voice of Princess Peach, would love a Peach-centric spinoff and both Charlie Day (Luigi) and Seth Rogen (Donkey Kong) have also shown interest in spinoffs for their respective characters. Day would love to do a movie based on Luigi's Mansion while Rogen says a Donkey Kong Country still has a lot of content to explore while talking to ScreenRant.

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