Every episode of The Gentlemen season 1, ranked worst to best

Here's where we think every episode of The Gentlemen season 1 ranks.
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Have you watched The Gentlemen on Netflix yet? If so, you might be thinking about which episodes were your favorite like we have been since it debuted.

SPOILERS ahead for The Gentlemen

You'll want to turn back now if you haven't watched the show yet as we'll be ranking all eight episodes from The Gentlemen season 1. Keep reading to see how they stacked up and let us know if you agree or not!

8. "I've Hundreds of Cousins" (Episode 5)

"I've Hundreds of Cousins" is one of the weaker installments in the bunch as the story involving Florian de Groot and the Ward family simply isn't all that interesting. In fact, De Groot is relatively forgettable in a series full of larger-than-life characters and only serves to help set up the eventual reveal that Stanely Johnston and his man Stevens are behind the many interruptions Susie has been facing within the Glass business.

The best part of this episode is the ending, because it plays into the larger storyline and suggests that a larger conspiracy is happening to unsettle the Glass empire. Learning Keith is a traitor and then allowing the Wards to extract revenge after he frames them is a dramatic turn of events that raises the stakes in an otherwise uneventful episode.

This episode also further hints at the sub-plot between Geoff and Lady Sabrina as they hint at the fact he is Charly's biological father. That's a sub-plot that doesn't have much pay off this season, honestly, so it ends up feeling a bit irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

"I've Hundreds of Cousins" isn't a bad episode by any means and still contains a lot of what we love about the show, including Susie and Eddie having to negotiate with the Wards in their cramped caravan and the scene where they all party together, but it just doesn't necessarily stand out like the other episodes in the bunch.