Go back to the '80s with Benedict Cumberbatch in Eric: When to start watching

Eric premieres on Thursday, May 30
Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent in Eric - Credi: Netflix
Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent in Eric - Credi: Netflix /

Eric, the new Netflix original series, is coming to Netflix soon. It's one of the biggest new releases of the week.

With Benedict Cumberbatch starring in Eric, we know this is one of the most highly anticipated new Netflix shows of the year so far. We know it's going to be a hit, and we know there are more than a few fans who will be tuning in to watch Eric as soon as it's available.

It's not just Cumberbatch you'll want to tune in for! Abi Morgan created the new Netflix series starring Cumberbatch, Gabby Hoffman, McKinley Belcher III, Ivan Morris Howe, Dan Fogler, and more.

The series tells the story of Vincent (Cumberbatch), the creator of a children's TV show. After a night where Vincent fight with his wife, Cassie (Hoffman), their young son, Edgar (Howe), goes missing on his way to school. Vincent's life begins to unravel while he becomes obsessed with making a seven-foot tall puppet, Eric, that will help him bring Edgar back home. Meanwhile, Detective Ledroit (Belcher III) of the NYPD tries to find Edgar, but his investigation leads him down a dark path with other missing children.

Eric is set sometime in the early 1980s. Watch the trailer for the new series.

What time is Eric on Netflix?

Eric premieres on Netflix at 12:00 a.m. PT on Thursday, May 30.

Of course, that's 1 a.m. MT, 2 a.m. C, and 3 a.m. ET. It's not the most ideal scenario, but if you're staying up late, you might as well get a headstart on the new series.

There are only six episodes in Eric, so it's a quick binge-watch for a miniseries! You can even finish by morning if you start watching at midnight when the series premieres.

I do want to warn you. This is a dark series. Although it's named after a puppet, there are serious situations, themes, and scenes. It's about a missing kid, but there are mental health implications, drug use, prostitution, corruption, and so much more.

We'll be covering Eric on Netflix. Check back for our review, recaps, and more for the new series. Stay tuned!