Eric episode 6 recap: Ledroit cracks the case with a little help

In the final episode of Eric, Detective Ledroit makes his move.
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There's a major cliffhanger in Eric episode 5, and it sets things up for a wild ending.

The sixth and last episode of Eric, which is a limited series, begins with the fallout from the night before. Edgar is still missing. Vincent is still not in his right mind. Ledroit still doesn’t know where Yuusuf is, and the whole night is largely a bust as New York’s unhoused community now has nowhere to live. 

Most importantly, we still don’t know Edgar’s fate, but that’s about to change very soon. 

The finale basically breaks into two parts, Detective Ledroit’s story and Vincent’s story. 

Trigger Warning: Suicide 

Detective Ledroit cracks the case of Marlon Rochelle’s disappearance 

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The first bombshell comes from Gator, the owner of The Lux. After spending the night with Ledroit, Gator offers him the tape from the night Marlon Rochelle went missing. It reveals what happened to Marlon. 

Marlon, who was let into the club by TJ, is seen in the alley hooking up with Deputy Mayor Costello when they are attacked by two NYPD officers, Nokes and Kennedy, who is now dead. Nokes beats Marlon until he kills him, and then with the Deputy Mayor’s help, they dispose of Marlon’s body by calling in the workers from Hudson Sanitation. 

Horrified, Ledroit tells Gator that he’s going to turn the tape over to homicide, but that’s not what Gator wants. He knows how much Ledroit has been trying to find Marlon and what the investigation means to him. He tells Ledroit to “do damage,” and he gives Ledroit TJ’s little black book with all of the clients, rates, and secrets that he learned over the years at The Lux. 

Ledroit immediately takes action. He refuses to give the investigation to homicide and overrules Captain Cripp, who has clearly been getting in Ledroit’s way, throwing him off the investigation because it implicates high-level members of the city government and police force. Ledroit asks his team to arrest all of the people involved, including Nokes, Deputy Mayor Costello, Misha, and the others at Hudson Sanitation who were involved. 

All of those people plead the fifth until Misha, the Hudson Sanitation worker, and Costello flip and start offering information about Marlon’s death. 

The fallout from the investigation brings the previous investigation into the child sex ring at The Lux into the public light. Lennie, who sees the report on the news, is implicated for soliciting a minor in the years prior. He jumps out of his apartment window after seeing the report and dies. 

After it’s all over, Ledroit visits Cecil, drops off some groceries, and sticks around for a bit to eat. It appears they have continued their relationship after bringing Marlon’s investigation to an end. The series ends with investigators unable to find Marlon’s body, which was revealed to have been dumped in the landfill. 

Edgar is alive and racing home 

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In the series finale, we also learn that Edgar is alive! Raya’s body is found in or around the sewer with Edgar’s jacket. Eventually, he turns up and climbs out of the manhole near The Lux, but he still doesn’t want to go home. 

Vincent gets in a literal fistfight with Eric, somehow, after learning that Edgar was in the subway community. He searches high and low for his son over the city, including at the Good Day Sunshine set, where he steals the Eric suit and stumbles upon the housing protests in the park. He commandeers the mic and the cameras. He apologizes to Edgar for everything, and then he takes off the mask and apologizes to his son as himself, Vincent, instead of the big puppet. He tells Edgar to race him home. 

Edgar, who is just chilling in a diner eating french toast, sees his father on the screen. Finally, after all this time, Edgar forgives Vincent and races out of the diner to meet him. They have a big joyous reunion back at the apartment. When Edgar is sleeping in his bed, Vincent tells Cassie that he’s going to rehab. 

Sometime later, Vincent connects with his father in Central Park. Vincent tells him that he used to say “Good Day Sunshine” when he would take Vincent to the zoo as a child. That always stuck with him, and that is the inspiration for his show. Instead of reconnecting with his son, Vincent’s father shuts him down. Vincent says goodbye to him, and we know it’s for good. 

Back on the set of Good Day Sunshine, Vincent has a great show, although Lennie is no longer with them. After the show, Vincent is going to watch Edgar to give Cassie and Sebastian, who are expecting, a break and to spend time with his son. 

We last see Vincent and Edgar, who is now wearing the Eric suit and pretending to be the lovable monster, improving and having a conversation. It’s a giant step forward from where the pair began this story. 

That’s the end of Eric on Netflix! Honestly, I didn’t love how cheesy things got with Edgar’s return, but I’m leaving the series happy one family saw their child return home.