Eric episode 5 recap: Captain Cripp screws up the search for Edgar

Vicent and Ledroit come so close to finding Edgar in episode 5 of Eric
Eric on Netflix - episode 5
Eric on Netflix - episode 5 /

The fourth episode of Eric feels like a definite turning point in the series. Vincent officially hits rock bottom, but he pulls himself out of it after finding Edgar’s map, which leads Vincent down into the subway tunnels. 

The episode opens with Renata, the lawyer, and Cecil doing a press conference from the basketball courts near The Lux. They are calling for the police to do more to find Marlon Rochelle. Little do they know, Ledroit is on the case! 

Speaking of Ledroit, he’s also dealing with personal matters. He’s being kicked out of his apartment by William’s sister. After William’s death, Ledroit is getting kicked out of his apartment. 

He also makes more strides in the Marlon Rochelle investigation. He speaks to Ricardo, who Lennie gave up, at the basketball courts. Ricardo is wearing Marlon’s basketball jersey, and he reveals two bits of information: he warns Ledroit that he’ll be killed if he keeps talking to him. Also, he mentions that his basketball jersey number is no. 8. Could that be that “Eight” that Nokes was referring to in the season premiere? It seems too coincidental not to have something to do with the case. 

Yuusuf and Raya execute their plan 

Yuusuf and Raya have been trying to figure out a way to get Edgar back home but also claim the reward money. Yuusuf calls Cassie from a payphone and gives her instructions to bring the $25,000 reward to the payphone near The Lux in exchange for Edgar at 9 p.m. that night, but he tells her that she can’t tell anyone or the deals off. Cassie runs to the Andersons house to collect the reward money from Vincent’s parents. When offered to take a nap, Cassie falls asleep for who knows how long. When she wakes up, Detective Ledroit is there to put the plan together to get Edgar back. 

Vincent spirals but continues following the map into the subway tunnels 

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Eric on Netflix - episode 5 /

After attending the Good Day Sunshine gathering put on by Deputy Mayor Costello, Vincent resumes the search for Edgar in the subway tunnels. He makes it all the way to the community where Yuusuf and Edgar are, but Vincent’s addiction distracts him. He buys and smokes crack. Feet from his son, Vincent is unable to move and continue the search. 

Captain Cripp overrides Ledroit’s plan to save Edgar 

After Ledroit and Tina locate Yuusuf on CCTV with Edgar, he’s officially the new suspect. They get a sketch together of Yuusuf, and Sebastian, Cassie’s lover, recognizes him from the food distribution they do for the unhoused community near The Lux. 

The police hold off on distributing them around the city so they won’t scare Yuusuf off and lose their chance to get Edgar back. Then, out of nowhere, Captain Cripp overrides Ledroit’s authority. He sends the officers into the tunnels to find Yuusuf and Edgar. He also has a picture of Yuusuf distributed around through the media. They want to find him before the 9 p.m. deadline. 

Unfortunately, word reaches the tunnels that there will be a raid. Yuusuf sees his picture on a TV in the community and decides to flee. Raya agrees to take Edgar to his mother, but we all know she’s made an agreement with TJ to sell the boy and pay off her debts. 

Edgar pulls Raya from the manhole rungs and his fate is in question 

As the police clear the tunnels under the city and Cassie waits for Yuusuf to show at the payphone, Yuusuf flees just in time to evade capture. Raya pulls Edgar through the subway tunnels to the manhole outside The Lux where TJ is waiting. It’s pouring rain, and the sewers are flooding. They must climb up the manhole rungs to get out of the tunnels, but Edgar slips and pulls Raya down with him. They fall into the rushing sewer water. 

Is Edgar alive? Is he dead? That’s the big question heading into the series finale

After clearing the tunnels fails to locate Edgar or Yuusuf, Ledroit goes to The Lux and hooks up with Gator. It’s clear from earlier in the series that they have some history and some chemistry. Prior to their involvement, we saw Gator questioning TJ about the missing tape from the Lux on the day that Marlon disappeared. Gator beats TJ up when he lies to him about the missing tape. What’s on that tape that TJ hid? 

We’ll find out in the series finale! 

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