Eric episode 4 recap: Vincent loses everything while Ledroit makes strides

Vincent is not doing well in Eric episode 4
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At the very end of the third episode of Eric, a bunch of important things happen. We find out that Edgar is alive! He's underground, but we still don't know if he was taken or what exactly happened to him on the day in question. The good news is he's still alive.

We also learn that Lennie has been arrested for something in connection with the disappearance of Marlon Rochelle. His file was pulled for some reason and ended up on Detective Ledroit's desk.

Spoilers for Eric episode 4!

Vincent loses his job and his wife

The fourth episode of Eric begins with Vincent waking up at Lennie's apartment after the night out at The Lux. Remember, Jerry informed Lennie that Vincent was getting fired because his drinking, drug use, and erratic behavior was ruining the show. When Vincent is walking out the door, Lennie tells Vincent that he's fired, which explodes into a massive argument between Lennie and Vincent. It's a major moment in the show. Vincent, who no longer has his son, doesn't have his outlet in Eric, the puppet, to try to get Edgar back. Oh, and it gets worse.

After losing his job, Vincent's rage and addiction takes over. He returns home to the apartment to find Cassie threw out all the alcohol and everything that was left after the police damaged the apartment. Cassie informs Vincent, who finds vodka in toilet and drinks it, that she's been having an affair with Sebastian and she's pregnant. Vincent tells Cassie that she's a great mom, and he leaves.

Vincent doesn't have his son, his job, or his wife, but he's still determined to find Edgar another way. Later in the episode, Vincent realizes Edgar's drawings on the wall in their apartment building are actually a map, and he begins using the map to find Edgar. It leads him under New York and in the subway tunnels around the city.

Edgar willingly is staying with Yuusuf

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Down under the city, Edgar is getting cared for by Yuusuf. It's clear the man cares about the young boy. Edgar follows him under the city because he "likes the way" that Yuusuf tags. Yuusuf tries to learn more about Edgar and why he followed him, and it's clear that Edgar doesn't want to have a relationship with his father anymore.

The episode ends with Raya, who hangs around with Yuusuf, has something more sinister planned for Edgar. She talks to TJ, who works at The Lux and deals drugs in the area, and tells him she has something for him, referring to Edgar. That's bad news!

Ledroit finds out new information in his investigation

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Detective Ledroit is closing in on the truth in both investigations. After Tina helps him with some video footage from the days around Edgar's disappearance, Ledroit questions a sanitation worker who picked up Edgar's bloody t-shirt from the alley. Later, the same man returns with a package, which he suspiciously plants under the dumpster. Is this related to Edgar's disappearance? It's unclear until the end of the episode.

After Ledroit questions the sanitation worker who clearly knows more than he's letting on. His boss, Captain Criss, rudely interrupts the interview, but Ledroit knows something is going on.

At the end of the episode, we see the same man receiving a shipment of drugs, likely cocaine or heroin, and distributing it. Looking back, it's likely that the package dumped in the alley is the drugs.

During the episode, Ledroit also learns that Lennie was part of the investigation and arrested for soliciting the prostitution of a minor. While Ledroit doesn't exactly believe that Lennie has something to do with Edgar's disappearance, he uses that information to disarm Lennie. Flustered, Lennie spills a name, Ricardo, who could know what happened to Marlon.

As Ledroit gets closer to the truth about the Lux, he's pushed by his boss to drop the Marlon Rochelle investigation and focus on Edgar's disappearance. Ledroit believes they are connected, which is why he seeks out Nokes' wife, Dana. She tells Ledroit that Nokes is acting weird after his partner, Kennedy, died, and she suspects he has something to do with it.

Ledroit's boyfriend, William, who is sick with AIDS, dies before Ledroit can make it to the hospital.

Overall, the fourth episode is where things really start to come together. We don't know if Edgar's going to make it home. We also don't know what happened to Marlon, but it feels like we're getting closer to the truth as Vincent and Ledroit makes strides in their own searches.

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