Eric episode 3 recap: Vincent lets lose and [SPOILER] is discovered

CCTV footage tells a story of the morning Edgar went missing, while two people grapple with what to do about a recent discovery in Eric episode 3.
Eric on Netflix - episode 3
Eric on Netflix - episode 3 /

The investigation to find Edgar continues in Eric episode 3, and this time, Vincent isn't going to be happy with Ledroit's findings. The third episode sees George being released now that CCTV footage has revealed that Vincent went after his son the morning he went missing. We recap the third episode and all the shocking moments here!

WARNING: Major spoilers for Eric episode 3 are below.

As she continues her search to find Edgar, Cassie meets with Vincent's mother and accepts $25,000 as reward money. Vincent's mom suggests they should call his doctor to get him on medication again, but Cassie thinks it's too late for all of that. She heads off to go find Vincent, who is busy at the studio working on the Eric puppet.

Vincent attends a work party where one of his co-workers calls him out for his drinking and one of his least favorite people is in attendance. Mayor Costello comes to speak with him, introducing him to his brother-in-law Bruno di Bari, an exec at Hudson Sanitation. Vincent trash-talks the two of them, criticizing their plans to clean up the city and dismissing Bruno's apology for Edgar. Ledroit then shows up and tells Vincent he needs to bring him in for questioning.

Vincent gets arrested, recalls his side of the story

When Cassie gets home, she's shocked to see that the police are searching her apartment after arresting Vincent and obtaining a search warrant. She goes to the station and waits to be seen, and sitting next to her is Cecile, the mother of the missing kid Marlon. The two mothers talk, and Cecile says she had to fight to get any coverage of Marlon's disappearance in the press, believing now that her son is dead. Cassie tells her that she believes Edgar is alive but she doesn't know who to trust anymore.

Ledroit interrogates Vincent, showing him the CCTV footage which reveals he followed Edgar the morning he went missing. He tells him he knows he had a big fight with Cassie the night before, and Vincent admits that Edgar was upset that morning. Vincent is repeatedly interrupted by his vision of Eric and yells back at him, confusing Ledroit. Is Vincent losing his mind?

Vincent comes clean, saying he did go after Edgar that morning. He called his name and followed him down an alleyway. He says he reached out for Edgar and grabbed him by the back of the neck, but Edgar apparently pulled away and shoved his dad. Vincent says he then grabbed him again and yanked him by his shirt, which is when he fell and got the cut on his head. He recounts tearing Edgar's t-shirt, and Edgar took it off and threw it at him.

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According to Vincent, he then picked up the t-shirt and used it to blot the blood on his forehead as he watched Edgar walk away. He thought he would be going to school. Before leaving, Vincent threw the t-shirt behind the dumpster, as told by his retelling.

When leaving the police station, Ledroit sees Cecile sleeping in a chair in the waiting room and offers to drive her home. In the car ride, Cecile tells the detective that he's given up on Marlon now that everyone is talking about Edgar. He says the situation is different, to which she says that it's because one boy is white and the other is black. Knowing that two boys have gone missing, Cecile doesn't understand how Ledroit doesn't think they're connected. She tells him that someone in the club or on the court must know something.

Lennie comforts Cassie

Lennie helps Cassie clean up the apartment after the police tore it up during their search, and Cassie asks if he thinks Vincent could've killed Edgar. Lennie doesn't think so, telling her that yes, Vincent is "crazy," but he's always been that way. Cassie tells him that she's met someone else and that she won't live with Vincent anymore if Edgar is gone. Lennie reassures her that Edgar will come home.

We then get a little montage of the characters that night, with Lennie inviting a man over, Cassie drinking wine and dancing at the apartment, Ledroit going home to William, and Vincent in a jail cell with Eric. There's so much uncertainty at this point, but we're going to get some clarity very soon.

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The next day, Ledroit receives more CCTV footage, this time from the subway station and the dry cleaner across the street from the alleyway Vincent mentioned. From this footage, Ledroit confirms that Vincent walked the opposite way from Edgar and took the subway to work that morning. The security at his building had him logged in at work all day, with the exception of a 20-minute lunch. This, fortunately, clears Vincent, and he's released.

Taking Cecile's words to heart, Ledroit talks to Cripp and suggests the two disappearances could be connected. He looks back into a raid at a nightclub called The Sierra in 1979, and then goes to confront Nokes about who this "8" person is. Nokes tells him that the only person who knows who 8 is is now dead, and urges him to leave him alone.

Cassie seeks comfort in Sebastian and visits him while he's working at his charity food truck which feeds the unhoused community. Just like Lennie, Sebastian assures Cassie that Edgar must be alive. Speaking of Edgar, we finally get our first glimpse at where he's been. We cut to a quick shot of a boy — presumably Edgar! — lying on the ground in the sewers. A rope falls down to him, but we don't get to see what happens next.

Vincent crushes his pitch meeting, parties at The Lux

Now that Vincent has been released, he needs to get ready for his pitch meeting, and quickly. He ends up showing up late, but Lennie is just relieved he's able to come at all. Though he has a rough start, the pitch ultimately goes over very well and the network's execs want Eric on the show! The Good Day Sunshine team celebrates by heading to The Lux to party.

Ledroit and his co-worker Tina go to dinner at Cripp's house and Ledroit's ears perk up at the mention of Nokes' wife, Dana. Throughout the show so far, Cripp has been pressuring Ledroit to get out more and have a social life, hinting he could date Tina. And while Tina is romantically interested in Ledroit, he only uses that interest to get information. After the dinner, Ledroit and Tina kiss in his car and she invites him to come over. He says no, but takes the opportunity to ask about Nokes' wife, who Tina is friends with. Tina tells him that she's heard he's a bad guy and she doesn't understand how Tina puts up with him. Ledroit asks if Dana would talk to him about Nokes, and Tina says she'll ask.

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At The Lux, Jerry talks to Lennie about the show and tells him that while the network wants Eric, they also want Vincent out. He tells Lennie that Vincent is unhinged, noting that he's out partying while his son is missing. If Lennie doesn't break the news to Vincent that he's fired, Jerry will. Ledroit shows up at the club and shows Marlon's photo around before being confronted by Gator. Ledroit tells him that something could've happened while Gator was in prison that he doesn't know about. He's convinced underaged boys have been at The Lux, including Marlon.

Vincent continues to party at the club, which creates a bit of a scene considering his son is still missing. He does cocaine in the bathroom and Lennie suggests he should go home. But Vincent ignores this advice and heads out to the dance floor, dancing with Eric.

Edgar is alive!

Underground in the unhoused community, the woman who wears Edgar's jacket (who we learn is named Raya) talks to Yuusuf about the boy they found. And yes, it is Edgar! He's alive. Raya suggests they sell Edgar to perverts in the neighborhood for money, but Yuusuf says he has other ideas. At this point, neither wants to keep Edgar, but they have to figure out how they can get something out of the situation.

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Episode 3 comes to a close with a short scene at the police station. A worker cleaning up accidentally knocks over a file, and when she puts it back on the desk, it's revealed to be a mugshot of Lennie! The final moments of the episode see Lennie watching Vincent at the club, looking concerned, along with a shot of Edgar hiding out underground. Could Lennie have something to do with Edgar's disappearance? At this point, the people he's with don't want to keep him, so how did he even end up there? More questions are posed now that Vincent is cleared, and I'm sure we'll have new suspects as the show continues.

How are you enjoying Eric so far? We're halfway through the series now! Keep reading our episodic recaps here on Netflix Life. You can stream all six episodes of the thriller-drama now on Netflix.

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