Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget ending spoilers: Do the chickens shut down Fun-Land Farms?

Ginger and Rocky lead the chickens to Fun-Land Farms to save Molly, but are they successful? Spoilers ahead for the end of Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget.
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Spoilers ahead for Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget

Two decades after the acclaimed 2000 film Chicken Run premiered, Netflix is releasing Aardman's sequel film Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget. The gang is back, led by Ginger and Rocky, who are now parents to a bright young chick named Molly.

Since escaping Melisha Tweedy's farm, the chickens have found a home on a secluded island far away from the prying eyes and dangers of humanity. But when a new business starts development across the water from them, Ginger is unable to prevent her daughter from exploring. Molly falls prey to the deceptive advertising of "Fun-Land Farms," with its bright colors and promises of happy endings for all.

With their daughter in danger, Ginger and Rocky must return to her old escapist ways to break into the farm and rescue her, thankfully with the help of friends like Mac, Bunty, Babs, Fowler, and the rats, Fetcher and Nick.

Ginger and the gang lead a successful heist to free Molly and the chickens of Fun-Land Farms

Ginger meets up with Molly inside the factory and is prepared to leave, but Molly doesn't want to leave her friend Frizzle and all of the other chickens behind. The group chooses to stick around and rescue every chicken that has been taken in by Dr. Fry and Mrs. Tweedy so that none of them get turned into nuggets... except that one poor guy who couldn't be saved in time.

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Mrs. Tweedy gets turned into a nugget

No, it's not nearly as grisly as it sounds, but Mrs. Tweedy does indeed fall into the nugget-making machine in the backrooms of Fun-Land Farms. She's processed as an abnormally large chicken and emerges covered head-to-toe in batter, looking like a human-sized nugget.

From there, Mrs. Tweedy continues chasing after the chickens, jumping on top of their Sir Eats-a-Lot truck and attempting to hack them into pieces with her signature ax. But thanks to some fortuitous timing on Fowler's part, Mrs. Tweedy is swept off the truck into the moat outside of the factory where the robot ducks target her. The entire factory blows up as the chickens escape. We don't see Dr. Fry or Mrs. Tweedy again. But perhaps they'll return if a third movie gets made.

No chicken left behind

Even though Ginger and the gang are finally free of Fun-Land Farms and back to their happy place in their island-based chicken sanctuary, their adventure reminds them to look out for each other. Instead of sticking their heads in the sand, Frizzle and Molly do reconnaisance in the cloud hovercraft to keep tabs on any chicken farms in the area. The film sets up a new beginning for Ginger and the gang as they take it upon themselves to rescue any and all chickens they find are being captured by factories.

Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget is now streaming on Netflix. Add the film to your watchlist here.

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