8 charming Christmas movies for kids on Netflix right now

Christmas is right around the corner. Check out these kid Christmas movies on Netflix to get into the Christmas spirit!
Klaus - Credit: Netflix
Klaus - Credit: Netflix /

Christmas 2023 is less than a week away, and most people are doing their last minute shopping before the day is finally here. I'm sure that after presents are opened and food is eaten on Christmas Day, everyone will be ready to sit back and relax by watching Christmas movies. But what will the kids watch?

Well, you can always look to Netflix to have just what you need. The popular streamer has various kid Christmas movies on its platform to choose from. But that doesn't mean all of them are good. That's why we decided to help you out and shared a list of some charming Christmas movies on Netflix that kids will enjoy.

The kid Christmas movie that we recommend watching first is Klaus.

Klaus - Credit: Netflix /


Klaus is easily one of Netflix's top Christmas movies for kids. It was well received by critics and viewers alike when it was released on Netflix in November 2019. Many people applauded the movie's beautiful animation, vocal performances, story, etc. In fact, it even went on to be nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 92nd Academy Awards.

The kid-animated movie tells a different origin story of Santa Claus. It follows Jesper, a selfish postman who has been stationed on a frozen island above the Arctic Circle called Smeerensburg with the task of posting 6,000 letters within a year. However, he quickly realizes that his job won't be easy when he arrives in the island village to find everyone feuding because of a past history.

Then, Jesper meets Klaus, a reclusive toymaker and woodsman who he ends up befriending and the two team up together to deliver toys to every kid in the town. Their unlikely friendship ultimately brings back the magic and spirit of Christmas to the cold, dark town.

The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus (L to R) Actor JP Karliak as Boss Baby in The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus

The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus is a 46-minute Netflix special and spin-off of The Boss Baby franchise that we believe many kids will enjoy. It's Christmas Eve, and Boss Baby finds himself in an awkward situation: he gets mistaken for an elf and gets stranded at the North Pole. As expected from Boss Baby, he initially causes trouble with Santa's elves once he arrives at the toy factory, but he eventually realizes that he must learn a thing or two about the Christmas spirit to save Christmas and get back to his family.

THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES - Credit: Michael Gibson/Netflix /

The Christmas Chronicles

You know how you have those same Christmas movies that you watch every year? Well, The Christmas Chronicles is one of them. There's even a sequel called The Christmas Chronicles 2 also available to stream on Netflix.

The first film follows siblings Kate and Teddy Pierce, who decide to come up with a plan to capture Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. But their plan goes terribly wrong when they accidentally crash his sleigh full of presents. Now, they must team up with Santa and his elves to save Christmas before it's too late.

Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas Image Courtesy Netflix /

Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas

Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas is another good kid Christmas Netflix special. Christmas is just around the corner, and Shaun is on the hunt for bigger Christmas stockings for the flock. But when a farmhouse raid leads to his little cousin Timmy going missing, Shaun is forced to embark on a wild and dangerous rescue mission to save him and Christmas.

Although not Christmas-themed, we recommend letting your kids watch the rest of the Shaun the Sheep collection on Netflix after watching Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas. This includes Shaun the Sheep: Adventures from Mossy Bottom and A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon.

The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday. (L to R) Chris Diamantopoulos as Snake and Michael Godere as Wolf in The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday. Cr. NETFLIX © 2023 /

The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday

The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday is one of Netflix's most recent kid Christmas specials that came out in November 2023. Based on the kid animated movie The Bad Guys and serving as a prequel to the film, The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday follows the criminal group of anthropomorphic animals as they work to execute their city-wide holiday heist. But unfortunately for them, Christmas becomes unexpectedly canceled. So, to get their heist plan back on track, they work to restore the city's holiday spirit.

The original film, The Bad Guys, is available to stream on Peacock with a subscription.

Here are more Christmas movies for kids currently streaming on Netflix:

  • A Boy Called Christmas - The story follows a young boy by the name of Nikolas who embarks on an extraordinary adventure with his pet mouse and reindeer in search of his father who is on a quest to find a magical land inhabited by elves.
Family Switch
Family Switch - (L to R) Ed Helms as Bill and Jennifer Garner as Jess in Family Switch. Cr. Colleen Hayes/Netflix © 2023. /
  • Family Switch - The movie is set days before Christmas and follows the Walker family who after experiencing a rare cosmic event, wakes up the next morning to find they've all switched bodies with each other. As they work to swap their bodies back, they find themselves growing closer to one another.
  • Captain Underpants: Mega Blissmas - Best friends, George and Harold, travel back in time to convince Santa to change up a few of their beloved holiday's traditions.

Where to watch some other kid Christmas movies

  • The Polar Express - Max
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966) - Peacock
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) - Peacock
  • The Grinch (2018) - Peacock
  • Jack Frost - Max
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - for purchase on Amazon Prime Video
  • Elf - Max, Hulu
  • Home Alone - Disney+

Here at Netflix Life, we want to wish you an early merry Christmas!

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