Cat & Dog parents guide: Is the movie on Netflix appropriate for kids?

Cat & Dog might be an animated film, but does this mean it's okay for kids to watch? Find out here!

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Cat & Dog is one of the top movies on Netflix at the moment, with tons of people streaming it. In fact, it's sitting at the No. 4 spot on the streamer's top 10 movie list as of March 19. If you haven't already watched this film and are looking forward to doing so soon, then we must share the parents guide and age rating with you. That way, you’ll know if it’s okay for kids to watch.

Cat & Dog is a French animated/live-action film that was released on Netflix on March 15. It was directed by Reem Kherici from a screenplay she and Tristan Schulmann wrote together. Actually, Kherici also stars in the movie in one of the leading roles as Monica.

Monica is the owner of the internet star cat, Diva. While on her way to New York for a business deal with Diva in tow, Monica ends up separated from Diva. Meanwhile, jewel thief Jack has been separated from his dog Chichi, who isn't really his dog. Chichi ate Jack's stolen ruby, so Jack holds him hostage until he poops it out. But unfortunately for Jack, he loses Chichi while on his way to New York as well. With both of their pets missing, Monica and Jack team up to recover them. But it won't be easy with a determined cop hot on their tails.

French actor and comedian Franck Dubosc stars as Jack, the ruby thief, while other talented French actor Philippe Lacheau, stars as the cranky cop, Brandt. In addition, Inès Reg voices the role of Diva, while Artus voices Chichi.

What is Cat & Dog rated on Netflix?

You would think Cat & Dog would be rated something like TV-G, TV-PG, or PG since most animated films about animals are usually given one of these maturity ratings. However, this isn't the case for Cat & Dog. Surprisingly, it's rated TV-MA, meaning it's only meant to be watched by mature audiences. Why? Well, it has strong language in it. At least, that's what Netflix says.

However, I watched the film in its entirety and there was only one curse word that was used by a character. It was the word "f*cking." So, I wouldn't say "language" is an issue when it comes to this movie. However, I will say that there's partial nudity shown at one point in the movie. A woman's breast is briefly shown, but is quickly blurred out. The shot is from afar and you can't see her areola.

There is some animated animal abuse shown as well such as a dog being kicked by a human and a cat getting shot by a human with a gun. There's also a quick shot of an animated dead animal's remains. Its skeleton is shown. Lastly, an animal almost drowns in this film.

Some parents might not want their kids watching content like this, and that's totally understandable. That's why we recommend putting on kid-friendly content for them before you start watching Cat & Dog. Luckily, Netflix has a great selection of kid movies. Some kid movie recommendations on Netflix that center around animals include Dog Gone, Rescued by Ruby, Benji and Think Like a Dog. Those are all live-action films. When it comes to animated movies centered around animals, we recommend movies like Pets United, Back to the Outback, Dog Gone Trouble and Leo.

Check out the trailer below for a sneak peek of the film!

Although some people might not consider Cat & Dog a family movie since it's rated TV-MA, I think it would be okay for the whole family to watch. When it comes to the inappropriate scenes, which there are barely any, just make sure to cover the younger kids' eyes and ears. That should be good enough.

Cat & Dog is now streaming on Netflix. Will you be watching the comedy film?

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