Carol & The End of the World content warning: New animated show is aimed at adults

Parents should steer clear of showing Carol & The End of the World to young viewers as the existential comedy is definitely geared toward a mature audience.
​Carol & The End of The World. Courtesy of Netflix.
​Carol & The End of The World. Courtesy of Netflix. /

Emmy Award-winning television writer Dan Guterman, whose previous credits include The Colbert Report, and Rick and Morty, has a new series on Netflix! Carol & The End of the World is an adult animated miniseries set in a world that will end in a little over seven months due to the impending collision of a mysterious planet.

At the center of this story is Carol Kohl (Martha Kelly), a woman who doesn't feel inclined to succumb to hedonistic tendencies like partying and having sex with strangers and would rather continue living life in the safety of her routines. A bittersweet, existential comedy, Carol & The End of the World is a moving tribute to the small moments in our daily lives and an exploration of how we react to the news of impending death.

For those interested in watching the series, keep reading to find out what you need to know in terms of parental guidance and the age rating.

​Carol & The End of The World. Courtesy of Netflix. /

What is Carol & The End of the World rated?

Carol & The End of the World is an adult animated comedy series rated TV-MA for language, nudity, sex, and smoking. It's not suitable for young viewers. If you're a parent and thought that because the show is animated it would be okay to watch with kids, you might want to think again! Even if you're considering putting it on as background noise, be advised that the show features nudity with several characters walking around in the buff the entirety of the show, including full-frontal male nudity.

The TV-MA rating means that the series isn't suitable for viewers under the age of 17, though parents and guardians can use their discretion with older teenagers. Given the show's subject matter, it's doubtful that kids would be interested in watching the show anyway, as it's quite bittersweet and deals with mature themes like existentialism, death, apocalypse, community-building, and how people choose to spend their final days on earth.

Be advised that there is explicit language used in the series, in addition to references to sex and a few sex scenes. But if you are an adult and curious about the show, I highly recommend it. Carol & The End of the World is an introspective and thought-provoking series with real heart. I was touched by the end of it and found the series to be charming. Despite the content, it's not a "raunchy" show by any means and is more tasteful and offbeat, think more Midnight Gospel and Bojack Horseman than Family Guy or Big Mouth.

For those interested in watching Carol & The End of the World, add the series to your Netflix watchlist right here.

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