Bodkin episode 7 recap: Everything explodes in "Empty Your Pockets"

We hope you like flying eels!
Bodkin. Will Forte as Gilbert Power in episode 107 of Bodkin. Cr. Enda Bowe/Netflix © 2024
Bodkin. Will Forte as Gilbert Power in episode 107 of Bodkin. Cr. Enda Bowe/Netflix © 2024 /

“In the end, everyone dies. That’s why we need stories…” That’s how Gilbert opens Bodkin episode 7, “Empty Your Pockets,” trying to record parts of his podcast from jail after getting arrested in episode 6, but the McArdles have arrived in Bodkin. And, they don’t look happy. 

Finally, Dove reveals what she did. She tried to guarantee Krtek’s safety after he begged her to kill her story. When she found him hanging, she stole his laptop. Gilbert tells her that she killed Krtek, and they argue about how Gilbert isn’t a real journalist. She says he’s a pornographer before he is released from jail. 

Seamus arrives, looking for Sean, and Emmy admits to Mrs. O’Shea that she knows what’s going on. 

Dove offers the Interpol agents a deal. She’ll bring them Seamus in return for her freedom. They strap an ankle bracelet on her so she won’t run off, and let her at it. 

Mrs. O’Shea asks Emmy to knock some sense into Sean’s head before he makes a major mistake. She realizes that they’re the ones who can protect Sean. Mrs. O’Shea feels like she failed Fiona because Fiona’s final request was that Seamus never have anything to do with Sean. 

Dove easily finds Seamus, and she offers him a deal. He declines, but then the McArdles show up at his house. Seamus and Dove hide, but Bronagh kills Seamus’s dog. 

Dove tries to convince Seamus to get the eels back and fight back, or at least help Gilbert, but Seamus declines. Dove tries to save Gilbert, but he tells her about Sean being Fiona and Seamus’s baby. He’s so excited about how many twists there are in the story, and he can’t wait to sell the TV rights. She reveals that the McArdles are in Bodkin looking for him right now. 

Emmy finds Sean in the woods, and she tries to talk some sense into him about the eels. 

Dove and Gilbert comes up with a plan to save everyone before the McArdles arrive to kill everyone. Gilbert sends Seamus a text that says he knows where Fiona is, and they meet at the Samhain festival before the festivities really begin. Seamus makes Gilbert spill the beans on what happened to Fiona, which he does. Gilbert tells him that Fiona died and Sean is actually Fiona’s child. He’s Sean’s dad. 

After Edna asks Emmy for help, they find Sean and try to get him to go home, but then Seamus arrives and breaks the news to Sean that he’s his father. Sean rattles off a bunch of facts about Romania, because he thinks he’s Romanian, and he tells Seamus to “f*** off,” basically. Seamus pulls a gun on Edna, also known as Mrs. O’Shea, for keeping Sean a secret all these years, and he tries to kill her after she reveals that Fiona was afraid of him, not the McArdles. Sean jumps in the way and grabs the gun, but Seamus shoots his thumb off! 

Then, Interpoll arrives to arrest Seamus. He takes Gilbert hostage at gunpoint and flees the scene. 

After they drive away, Seamus stops on the road and makes Gilbert empty his pockets, the title of the episode. He tells Gilbert that he’s going to give the podcast an ending it deserves. 

Back with Dove and Emmy, Emmy gives Dove a piece of her mind and calls out do for putting Gilbert’s life on the line by trying to help Interpol catch Seamus. She tells Dove that she doesn’t know how she lives with herself. Dove admits that Emmy is right, and it’s the first time in this series that we see Dove admit that she was actually wrong. In the middle of their conversation, Gilbert sends them his location, but they are interrupted by the Interpol agents. Emmy challenges them for using Dove to catch Seamus and creating this whole mess. She said that she recorded the conversation, and they leave. 

Dove and Emmy team up to stop Seamus, who are headed for the Samhain Festival.

In the chaos, Seamus plans to kill Gilbert, blow up the Samhain Festival with explosives, and escape before Interpol and the McArdles can catch him. Luckily, Dove and Emmy arrive to help. They save Gilbert, and then they split up again to help save the town and its people. Well, that’s what Emmy does! Dove goes after Seamus, and she pops his raft before he can make it out to sea. 

Meanwhile, Emmy tries to lure the crowd away from the Samhain Festival. She doesn’t get any help from Fintan who actually sucks big time. Instead, Teddy starts singing and the crowd follows him to safety before Seamus sets off the explosives. 

Back at the beach where Seamus is trying to escape, the McArdles and Interpol arrive. Dove gives Seamus a choice: the McArdles or Interpol. He chooses to blow up everything! The eels, which were in the town’s water truck, also explode and go flying through the air before landing all over everyone. 

Dove and Emmy rush to the location of the blast to find Gilbert, who thankfully just got away before the explosion. But, back at the beach, Seamus is nowhere to be found. The trigger device is on the beach while all the McArdles have disappeared, too. Originally, and in my Bodkin ending, explained, article, I thought that the McArdles are actually dead, but I don’t think so on the second watch. I think they’re gone, and so is Seamus. 

From there, it all ends rather quickly. Gilbert records the closing of his podcast and then throws his recorder in the water before leaving town in Sean’s car. Dove returns to the convent where she grew up. She meets with the head nun, and she reveals that he’s going to be doing a podcast about the convent! What?! 

Oh, and Emmy gets Dove’s old job at The Guardian. She knows they have an opening, and she demands that Dove’s old boss give her the job, which he does. It’s wild! 

And, that’s the end of the series. It seems like almost all of the loose ends were tied up in the finale. Is that really how the series ends? Is Bodkin season 2 going to happen? We’ll have to wait and see! 

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