Bodkin episode 6 recap: The mystery is solved in "Ends Justify Means"

Bodkin episode 6, " Ends Justify Means," is a trip but not a good one for Dove
Bodkin. Will Forte as Gilbert Power in episode 106 of Bodkin. Cr. Enda Bowe/Netflix © 2024
Bodkin. Will Forte as Gilbert Power in episode 106 of Bodkin. Cr. Enda Bowe/Netflix © 2024 /

Bodkin episode 5 answered a lot of important questions about Malachy and Fiona, but it also left Gilbert, Emmy, Dove, and viewers with more questions heading into the penultimate episode of the series, "Ends Justify Means."

The episode begins with the Interpol agents asking the weird little cop to arrest Dove while looking at Seamus’s burned-up boat. Remember, Seamus was trapped in the burning boat in episode 5. Did Seamus live? Did he die? We don’t know yet. 

Back with Dove and the gang, Dove finds out she’s facing two years in the clink for stealing the laptop of the man who killed himself in the season premiere, the subject of her story. They find Mrs. O’Shea’s cincture from Sisters of Mercy, the nuns who teach yoga. When Dove presses, she loses her mind and tells them to go back to where they came from. If that wasn’t stern enough, she also cancels breakfast. The gang splits up while Gilbert waits for his wife to arrive in town. 

Seamus is alive! He makes it back to the warehouse with the eel barrels. He tells Sean the McArdles are after him, and he’s leaving town. Seamus instructs Sean to sell the eels to the Spanish tonight, but Sean is up to something. 

When the officer arrives to arrest Dove, Mrs. O’Shea is on the phone with someone. She says they need to “slow them down,” meaning Dove, Gilbert, and Emmy. What is going on in this weird little town? 

Dove and Emmy arrive at the Sisters of Mercy, but they aren’t allowed to visit Sister McDonagh. They get dragged into Sister Bernadette’s office, but something is wrong. They question Bernadette about Fiona, but she flips it on Dove and talks more about how Dove burned down the chapel at the convent where she lived. She leaves, but Dove and Emmy are locked in the nun’s office. 

Gilbert’s wife, Amber, arrives in Bodkin, and she asks him to finally sign the divorce papers. We learn that he used her story to do his podcast, the one that got popular, and she’s still not happy about it. Eventually, he signs the papers.  

Sean and Seamus make a deal with Spanish lads to sell the eels, but Sean is not happy about the deal at all. 

Dove questions Sister McDonagh about Fiona. She reveals that Fiona is actually Sister Dominica, and she’s been hiding all this time at the Sisters of Mercy to “protect the queen.” She’s also a beekeeper.  Fiona is alive?

Dove starts hallucinating, and we see a flashback of her seeing her mother, I believe, overdose. They venture into the spa/bathing area, and there are a lot of naked nuns. It's revealed that Sister Bernadette spiked her tea with some psychedelics, and Dove is having flashbacks to being tortured by the nuns. Dove collapses in the hallway, and she asks Emmy not to leave her. Emmy, then, finds an underground drug operation at the nunnery. This show just keeps pushing the ridiculous!

Then, they end up in a chapel where they’re housing lots of bees. In Dove’s vision, she lights the chapel on fire. Finally, Dove collapses, and they meet Sister Dominica who is not Fiona. 

On the island and on his way to meet up with Emmy and Dove, Gilbert comes across Maeve and Teddy. They question her about what happened that night, but she doesn’t give up what happened. 

Then, it all comes together! Maeve and Sister Bernadette reveal that Fiona stayed there because she was pregnant, hiding from Seamus and the McArdles. She went into labor early and died, along with her baby. 

Dove collapses in the cemetery. When she wakes, she tells Sister Bernadette her story. She accidentally burnt down the chapel while she was smoking in it. Dove was left at the convent by her mother, and her mother didn’t want to know her even after her mother got clean. 

Elsewhere, Sean steals the eels from Seamus. 

Emmy, Gilbert, and Dove meet in the kitchen of the nunnery, and it’s clear that Sister B has been hiding something else. There’s only one grave for a mother and a baby? The dates also don’t match up with the story she told them. Just when things are getting interesting, Interpol and the police arrive to arrest Dove. Gilbert tries to hold the cops back while Dove makes a run for it, but she lets them arrest her while he takes a face full of pepper spray.

As they are leaving the island, Emmy realizes that Sean is Fiona and Seamus’s child. Mrs. O’Shea left the nuns with Sean, Fiona’s baby! She solved the mystery! 

Speaking of Sean, he’s making the deal with the Japanese buyers/Interpol agents. Oh, and also the town’s Samhain festival, the decorations look a lot like Dove and Gilbert.

There's only one episode of Bodkin left on Netflix, and we hope it's a good one!

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