Bodkin episode 5 recap: Everything comes together in “Peace in Our Time” 

Emmy and Dove solve a part of the mystery in episode 5 of Bodkin, "Peace in Our Time"
Bodkin. Robyn Cara as Emmy Sizergh in episode 105 of Bodkin. Cr. Enda Bowe/Netflix © 2024
Bodkin. Robyn Cara as Emmy Sizergh in episode 105 of Bodkin. Cr. Enda Bowe/Netflix © 2024 /

The fifth episode of Bodkin, “Peace in Our Time,” is the turning point of the mystery. After learning that the body in the back of the car with Malachy was not Fiona in episode 4, Seamus is ready to find out what truly happened to the love of his life. 

Before we dive in, I should mention that the events of episode 5 take place out of order for some reason! It's a little bit of whiplash, but it all makes sense in the end.

Seamus visits Ed, who is an Elvis impersonator who owns a diner, with Gilbert. He’s getting some answers! He’s looking for the McArdles. Gilbert convinces Ed to help with the promise of publicity on his famous podcast. 

On the drive to visit the McArdles, Seamus tells Gilbert how they’d smuggle goods from Bodkin over the border. It's where the feud with the McArdles started. He tells Gilbert that the McArdles attacked him in his home while he was frying an egg. He killed Oisin McArdle with the frying pan, and that's what started the events that led to Malachy's death and Fiona's disappearance. He fled, and he tried to let Fiona and Malachy know it was time to run, but Seamus was too late.

Gilbert and Seamus arrive at a little shop, and they shake down Bronagh McArdle at her shop. Seamus sends Gilbert in to distract her, but he accidentally reveals himself by mentioning her name, which she hadn’t mentioned at that point. She pulls a gun on him, but then Seamus runs in with a gun pointed at Bronagh. 

She says, “I didn’t realize a ghost could put on weight, but I’m looking at a fat, f*****’ ghost.” What. A. Line. 

Seamus, clearly shaken, asks her what happened to Fiona. She plays dumb and says she doesn’t know who Fiona is, where Bodkin is, or what he’s talking about, but she clearly does. She picks up the phone and calls someone. Things are getting interesting in Bodkin and beyond! 

Dove falls out of a tree on the side of the road! What? Where did she come from?

Anyway, she reveals that the car where Malachy’s body was found with the mystery woman belonged to Power. Seamus rushes to the hospital, where Power is recovering after a heart attack, and Power reveals that he tried to help Malachy escape, but Fiona never showed up. Power tells Seamus that he never told him because he had to protect his son, Teddy. 

Seamus pins Gilbert to the ground and pulls the gun on him. He makes Gilbert admit everything else that he’s lying about. He reveals that the buyers of the eels might also be working with Interpol. They’re interrupted by Amber calling Gilbert and telling him she’s on her way to Bodkin. Then, he gets a text from Emmy. She knows who the body in the car with Malachy is! 

Then, we go back to the night before. Dove, then, gets a call from Damien, who says that the extradition order has been signed, and she has to return to London. She tells him that they aren’t going to come get her from this “s***hole.” Clearly not caring about a thing, Dove heads down to the pub and sings “You Were Always On My Mind” by Willie Nelson for karaoke. What in the world is going on?

Dove melts down, and she tries to get tough with Power, who then has a heart attack at the pub. Dove passes out and wakes up at the funeral home/morgue. She’s super rude to Mary and gets kicked out. She’s walking down the road when she finds her jacket in the tree. How did that get there? Then, she falls out of the tree to reveal to Seamus that the bodies in the back of the car were Malachy’s. 

She, then, pays a visit to Teddy, who is not doing well. He doesn’t remember what happened on the night in question, but he remembers all of the blood in Power's house and the brick in his hand. He thinks he killed Malacy and Fiona. Dove tells Teddy that the body isn’t Fiona, and that Power has been lying to Teddy all of these years. 

Later, Power tells Dove that Teddy killed Malachy with a brick after they got into a fight about Malachy leaving to find Fiona. While trying to get rid of Malachy, Power hit a woman with his car. He put the bodies in the car and sank it in the bog that night.

We go back in time again to the pub where Emmy and Fintan hook up right before Dove sings the song. Emmy takes Dove’s jacket, and she leaves with Fintan. She throws the jacket out into the tree, which is the tree we see Dove fall out of tree twice in the episode. Emmy has a major meltdown about Dove on the side of the road, and then she gets back in the car with Fintan. 

When she wakes up in the morning, Fintan has a whole team of, I guess, nerds at his house working on something. He gives Emmy a big pep talk about self-confidence and demanding what she needs from the world, from Dove, from Gilbert, from everyone. 

She returns to look at the body at the funeral home. She pays off Mary’s daughter, Jo, to look and touch the bodies. She finds a bracelet on the woman, and it says “Greta” on it. 

Emmy winds back the audio, and she finds out that Maeve lied. Dove, Gilbert, and Emmy meet at Maeve’s caravan where Dove reveals that Teddy killed Malachy and Power killed Greta. But, why is Maeve lying about that night? They find out that Fiona was also pregnant during Samhain.

Out on his boat, Seamus tells Sean to call off the deal with the Japanese buyers/Interpol. He sees smoke pouring into the compartment on his boat. He tries to open the hatch, but it’s been locked with a screwdriver and the boat is on fire! 

We move on to episode 6, but the mystery is just getting started. How will Bodkin end? There's only two episodes left!

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