Bodkin episode 3 recap: Unexpected connections are uncovered at a wake in "Perfectly Innocent Life"

Gilbert, Dove, and Emmy get closer to the truth in Bodkin episode 3, "Perfectly Innocent Life."
Bodkin. (L to R) Norma Sheahan as Dot, Will Forte as Gilbert Power in episode 103 of Bodkin. Cr. Enda Bowe/Netflix © 2024
Bodkin. (L to R) Norma Sheahan as Dot, Will Forte as Gilbert Power in episode 103 of Bodkin. Cr. Enda Bowe/Netflix © 2024 /

Just like episode 2, the third episode of Bodkin picks up shortly after the events of the previous episode, with the town mourning Darragh's death. Gilbert, Dove, and Emmy are on their way to the wake, unsure if they're actually welcome there. The group makes some unexpected connections in "Perfectly Innocent Life," along with a huge discovery in the final moments.

But of course, with every question answered, more mysteries emerge. We break down all the biggest moments of Bodkin episode 3 here!

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Netflix Original Bodkin.

In particular, Seamus seems very impacted by Darragh's death. The podcaster group sees him go off on a man named Fintan as he's starting to set up the Samhain Festival, feeling like the town should not put on the event after such a tragedy has occurred.

At the wake, Dove's plan is to try and talk to Seamus as she thinks he has something to do with Darragh's death. But before she gets a chance, a woman named Mary Donovan from the funeral home strikes up a conversation with her. Dove asks if there was an autopsy performed for Darragh, but Mary says no because his death isn't suspicious. Because of the angle of his wound and its depth — plus the fact that he was intoxicated — it seems obvious he fell and hit his head, according to Mary.

Dove eventually is able to talk to Seamus alone in the kitchen, but he knows she has ulterior motives in chatting with him. He tells her it's wrong that they're there to bother grieving people for the sake of their podcast, but Dove tells him she's a journalist and it's her job. In a surprising moment, Seamus reveals he knows about Kretk’s death and the whole situation back in London. This, no doubt, intimidates Dove. She's not the only one doing some digging.

Bodkin. (L to R) Clodagh Mooney Duggan as Mary, Siobhán Cullen as Dove in episode 103 of Bodkin. Cr. Enda Bowe/Netflix © 2024 /

Mary and Dove drink together outside and Mary starts hitting on Dove, though it's not certain if Dove shares the same interest. She seems flattered but tells Mary she's drunk. Damien then calls Dove and tells her that the police got a search warrant for her apartment and found Kretk's laptop, which is very bad. They're launching a formal investigation against her, and Damien urges her to come home. But now that Dove has a story she's interested in, she no longer wants to go back to London. Because of what Dove has learned about the Badger, Damien is willing to let her stay and investigate while he tries to help her out in London.

Surprise! Seamus and Malachy were brothers, and Seamus dated Fiona

Meanwhile, Gilbert interviews people at the wake to find out what kind of person Darragh was. He also talks to Seamus, who complains to him about Dove. He finally gets some interesting information when talking to Darragh's sister Dot, who tells him Darragh went to prison, which is where he met Malachy. He started bringing Malachy around with him once he was released, and Darragh was apparently heartbroken when Malachy went missing. Another woman Gilbert talks to suggests Darragh had romantic feelings for Malachy, though it was one-sided. Gilbert then finds out the major revelation that Malachy was Seamus' brother!

After speaking with Damien, Dove decides to break into Seamus' house while he's at the wake and she finds money and a gun stashed away. She also finds a bunch of old photographs and a ring with the name Fiona etched in it, along with one photo of two people, with the back reading the names Fiona and Seamus. Were Fiona and Seamus romantically involved? It very much seems so!

At the wake, Emmy begins talking to Fintan, who tells her about that night last Samhain Festival. He was 14 years old at the time and heard the noise of a car crash and someone screaming. But when he went to go look to see if everyone was okay, there were no signs of a crash. Instead, he saw something coming out of the lake, connecting it to an old Irish folktale. Though Emmy might not fully believe the whole story, she is interested in what he can share about that night. Despite Emmy having something interesting for the podcast, however, Gilbert doesn't seem to care.

Bodkin. (L to R) Robyn Cara as Emmy Sizergh, Charlie Kelly as Fintan McGurk in episode 103 of Bodkin. Cr. Enda Bowe/Netflix © 2024 /

Because of this, Emmy decides to leave with Fintan and goes to his place. Fintan opens up and says that he and Teddy were once very close friends, and they were supposed to meet up the night of the Samhain Festival but he ditched him for a girl. Fintan feels guilty for what happened to him. The two kiss and Emmy spends the night.

Dove and Gilbert finally connect

That night, Dove goes to the pub to find Gilbert and they tell each other what they'd learned that day. They begin to speculate maybe Seamus killed both Malachy and Fiona. How would Teddy fit into the picture, then? Dove suggests he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Dove and Gilbert finally see eye to eye and actually have fun while drinking together. They go outside and Frank confronts Gilbert, asking for his money. But Dove intervenes by hitting Frank, causing his nose to bleed, and she and Gilbert run away.

Dove laughs at Gilbert for owing so much money, but Gilbert gets serious and confides in her. He says he has no money, and he really only had one successful podcast show at the start, but that's no longer the case. He put all of his money into his company but isn't seeing any return. On top of his financial problems, his relationship with his wife isn't going well either. Gilbert asks Dove for help, saying he can figure it all out if they can create a great podcast. Dove commiserates with Gilbert and references her own situation.

The next morning, Dove is very hungover, but Gilbert is adamant that they have to attend Darragh's funeral. Gilbert seems afraid to confront Seamus, but Dove tells him he has to. Emmy returns from Fintan's wearing the same clothes she was in the day prior, hoping they'll ask her where she's been. But, unfortunately for Emmy, they really don't care. At the funeral, Gilbert goes to talk to Seamus, and Seamus invites him on his boat. Dangerous? Maybe. An opportunity to get answers? Definitely.

At the funeral, a woman part of an organization that wants to put a stop to the Samhain Festival comes to talk to Dove and Emmy, asking them if they're sure they don't want to interview her. She mentions Seamus' name, to which Dove is interested, but she's then disappointed when she realizes the woman is talking about a statue of Saint Seamus. The woman says a car drove into the statue that night on Casement Road, which makes Emmy's ears perk up. That's the same road Fintan told her about, where he heard a crash crash all those years ago as well. Emmy explains this to Dove, and they decide to look into it.

Seamus opens up to Gilbert, but do we buy it?

On Seamus' boat, Gilbert tries to get him to open up by talking about his own life, telling him that his wife had cancer. Seamus references someone he lost, but when Gilbert presses him on who they were, Seamus won't answer. Seamus says he knows Gilbert and his group are very interested in his past and asks what Dove is fishing for. After a few seconds of silence, Gilbert says Dove believes he was in a relationship with Fiona and that Malachy was his brother. He asks if he knows what happened to them. Seamus seems offended by this question, and tells Gilbert that he loved Fiona "more than life itself," also revealing Malachy was his "rock." When Gilbert asks where they went, Seamus gives a cryptic response that doesn't confirm anything.

Bodkin. (L to R) Will Forte as Gilbert Power, David Wilmot as Seamus in episode 103 of Bodkin. Cr. Enda Bowe/Netflix © 2024 /

Dove and Emmy look up Casement Road online and notice something resembling the shape of a car in a body of water. They call Gilbert to come check it out with them, and when they arrive, Dove walks into the water to look. Of course, she does find a car, presumably the car that crashed 25 years ago on the night of the Samhain Festival. They call someone to come pull it car out, and while they wait, Gilbert tells Dove that Seamus isn't who she thinks he is. At least, he doesn't believe he is anymore.

They don't see anything in the car when they get it pulled out of the water, but when Dove kicks its side in frustration, the trunk pops open. They look inside and to their absolute shock, there are two bodies in there — now skeletons. Whoever these two people were, their bodies had been inside a trunk for over two decades. Could they be Fiona and Malachy? Episode 3 ends before we can find out!

We're really getting somewhere now in Bodkin! At least, it seems that way. Keep reading our episode recaps here at Netflix Life. I'm sure things are going to get increasingly more intense from here!

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