Bodies Bodies Bodies & 4 more Netflix horror movies & shows to watch this week, Mar. 18

Many horror fans enjoy offbeat horror, a subgenre that mixes frightening and unconventional elements to keep viewers engaged.

Bodies Bodies Bodies, courtesy A24
Bodies Bodies Bodies, courtesy A24 /

Netflix has a great list of new releases in March 2024, including several titles in the horror genre, Shake, Rattle & Roll Extreme (2024), John Carpenter's Vampires (1998), Fear (1996), and more. This week, the offbeat horror comedy Bodies Bodies Bodies comes to the streamer, so let's take a look at some other movies in this subgenre.

Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022) - March 20

Bodies Bodies Bodies is directed by Halina Reijn with a screenplay by Sarah DeLappe from the story by Kristen Roupenian and is described as a genre-defining satire (Daily Dot). During a game of Bodies Bodies Bodies, a group of 20-somethings who are trapped in a remote mansion during a hurricane see the game take a horrible turn. They discover a dead body, and everyone suspects everyone else, unsure of who they can trust.

School Spirits (2023)

School Spirits is a teen supernatural drama series starring Peyton List, Kristian Flores, Milo Manheim, and Spencer Macpherson. The story was created and adapted by Megan Trinrud and Nate Trinrud from their forthcoming graphic novel, which they created with Maria Nguyen. The story follows Maddie, a high school girl stuck in the afterlife, as she investigates her own disappearance. Her discoveries began uncovering even more mysterious events that took place at her school.

Santa Clarita Diet (2019)

Santa Clarita Diet is a Netflix original series starring Drew Barrymore, who becomes a member of the undead, and Timothy Olyphant, her husband, who must help her appear to be normal. The three-season series focuses on the couple and their family as they try to keep her flesh-craving a secret from neighbors as they try to uncover what has happened to her.

Daybreak (2019)

Daybreak is an offbeat teen comedy horror set in an apocalypse is based on the comic series created by Brian Ralph. The series was created by Brad Peyton, know for San Andreas and Rampage along with Aron Eli Coleite, known for NBC series Heroes and on the comic book series Ultimate X-Men. The story follows your average teen outcast Josh Wheeler (Colin Ford) who is searching for his girlfriend Sam Dean (Sophie Simmnett) in post-apocalyptic Califorina. He is joined by a group of misfits which includes a 10-year-old pyromaniac, and a high school bully turned pacifist would-be samurai. They group tries survive as they come against Mad-Max type gangs of evil jocks, cheerleaders turned Amazonian warriors, and more. The ten-part series also stars Austin Crute, Cody Kearsley, Jeanté Godlock, Gregory Kasyan, Krysta Rodriguez, and Matthew Broderick.

Frankensteins Monster's Monster, Frankenstein (2019)

While this entry's only horror element is perhaps the title, Frankenstein's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein is a great offbeat mockumentary starring Stranger Things actor David Harbour. The short film features Harbour as David Harbour III, an actor who investigates the eccentric life of his father, David Harbour Jr., whom he also plays. The movie also stars Alex Ozerov, Kate Berlant, Mary Woronov, Alfred Molina, Marion Van Cuyck, and Heather Lawless. Rotten Tomatoes states that the humor "maybe too offbeat for some, those looking for a kooky new comedy will find much to like in its spooky spoofs."